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When 99% Just Isn't EnoughWhite Paper:When 99% Just Isn't Enough

Benefits of Improved Read Rates in Logistics Scanning

This white paper will explore how improving barcode read rates with new image-based technology can shorten return on investment (ROI) of capital equipment.


This analysis will be completed using two different types of retailers as examples.


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R.R. Floody offers on-site field evaluations with the DataMan 500 

  DataMan 500 Evaluation
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 Saving images to an FTP Server  


Why did my inspection fail?  Why didn't that code read?  Am I aligned correctly?  Is my vision system in focus?

With Ethernet connectivity built into their Vision Systems, ID Readers and Vision Sensors, Cognex provides the ability to save images of every inspection to an FTP server for later retrieval and analysis to help answer all these questions.

Archiving this information helps users determine the root cause for any unread barcodes or failed vision inspections.  These images can be used for Authentification, Verification and Process Improvement, aiding in determining necessary corrective actions, reducing the number of subsequent misreads or failures and thereby improving process efficiency.

Saving images to FTP Servier



Additionally this Ethernet connectivity allows the system to display the inspection image on a monitor or industrial display in real time. As the user sets the system up, the display shows exactly what the Vision System or ID Reader sees, ensuring that the images will be in focus and that the image will include the complete code or features of the product .  The result is that both initial setup and later adjustments to improve the systems performance require little specialized knowledge, minimizing setup and maintenance times.

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