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September, 2011

Shuttleguy staff are in Michigan for the DALMAC 5 Day and 5 Day UP rides. Great fall riding!   

What's New?

2011 BREW a BIG Success!


The 2011 Bike Ride Exploring Wisconsin (BREW), held August 7-12 is now history. The ride sold out this year and all 35 riders enjoyed perfect riding conditions,  scenery, great camaraderie, and of course beer tasting.




We had two riders on BREW, Bob Berger and Jay McNaught, who are also authors. Their book deals with two naturally related topics, pizza and biking! Read about their previous bike experiences looking for the perfect pizza on their website   


Sign up early for the 2012 BREW!  


"We just wanted to take a moment to tell you how much fun we had on your BREW tour. It was way better than we expected and want to sign up for 2012. We loved the small group (35 people) and were able to get to know people better because of it. The dinners were excellent and you guys did a great job. If only you could do something about the wind (just kidding)."


Tony and Deb





Shuttleguy Special Announcement


You are invited!

To our second annual Shuttleguy Birthday Bash

(Tym's 41st and Sonja's 61st)


When: October 8, 2011    


Where: Shuttleguy World Headquarters, located near
Ridgeway, WI


What's going to happen: We'll gather at 10:00am for a ride around beautiful southwest Wisconsin. Several loops of varying length. We'll all reassemble mid-afternoon for cake and refreshments!


Camping will be available at Tym's, and for you Hotel
           Domestique folks, there are several hotels in the area.   


 Please RSVP by October 3 to: 


Hope to see you at the party!   





2011 Tri State Photo Contest  


Last month we asked for your help in judging the 2011 WISPRIDE photo contest. This month is the second photo contest we mentioned, the Tri-State Ride. Please take a few minutes to view our riders favorite photos and pick your favorite!  


Each year we encourage riders to enter our Shuttleguy Tours photo contests. We even have three cameras to loan out for those shutterbugs that may not have a camera.


Here is a link to our Shuttleguy Tri State Ride Picasa page. Please take a minute to browse through the photos and pick which one you like the best!


2011 Tri State photos 


Then . . . email us the row and column number of your favorite photo and we'll add it to the scoring sheet.  


Email winning number 


We'll announce the winning photos in the November issue of the newsletter!


Featured Tour: Mississippi River Trail Ride


Mississippi River Trail Ride

October 1-2, 2011   




This tour is a shorter version of our popular Tri-State Ride. Our goal is to provide a fabulous, fully supported tour as well as bring attention to the Mississippi River Trail, a 3,000 mile bicycle route starting at the headwaters of the Mississippi River in Itasca, Minn. and ending at the great Mississippi delta at the Gulf of Mexico.


This weekend of cycling will take you along parts of the Iowa and Wisconsin legs of the Mississippi River Trail. Many cyclists will see this ride as a great training opportunity for week-long summer tours.


Experience breathtaking landscapes mrt5sculpted by the Mississippi River and its many tributaries. Immerse yourself in this wonderful, natural area, home to many varieties of plant and wildlife. You can take in bald eagles soaring above, duck and geese at the river's edge and deer in the woods. Enjoy the small-town charm of our friendly host communities. All of the details are taken care of so you can enjoy carefree cycling.


This two day loop tour begins and ends in McGregor, Iowa. McGregor will be our friendly host town for registration and pre-ride festivities. After registration and setting up camp you can enjoy the many sightseeing, shopping, and dining experiences McGregor and its twin city Marquette have to offer.


Day 1:


It is southward bound as you follow the Mississippi River Trail. Today you will enjoy some beautiful views of the river, take in beautiful farmland vistas and enjoy the Iowa mrt2towns of Clayton, Guttenberg, Luxemburg and North Buena Vista. Immediately south of McGregor take a left into Pikes Peak State Park and enjoy some stunning panoramic views. In Guttenberg you can view the activities at Lock #10. In "Buenie" as the locals call it, take time to stop and marvel at the amazing grotto that was built into the bluff in the heart of this little hamlet during the great depression. You will end the day's journey with a ride across the Mississippi River on the Cassville ferry.


Day 2:

Today you will pedal uphill on the Wisconsin side to Prairie du Chien. Just kidding. Tbluff1here are a few downhill sections along the way. You will also ride through the charming towns of  Bagley, Wyalusing and Prairie du Chien. Then you will cross the great Mississippi River back into Iowa.


This ride is a great way to see some beautiful scenery, at a great time of year and begin to close down your riding season.


This ride highlights many of the most scenic areas of Wisconsin, Illinois and Iowa. As you ride the challenging route, you will experience spectacular hilltop vistas, meandering streams, and enjoy small town charm.


Click here for the complete itinerary


Featured Rider: Sandi Rushing

Sandi Rushing

Camping "newbie" at the age of 52


sandiportaPre-cycling: 10 yrs ago, with midlife approaching and my butt expanding at an alarming rate, I decided to get on the old bike and try to ride around the block. It was a Schwinn mountain bike complete with rusty chain and petrified tires that had sat untouched in the garage for over a decade.  Once around the block was all I could do.  My motivation to get healthy was two-fold. One, I needed to lose a LOT of weight (as in 100 pounds) and two, my disabled daughter needed  me to be around for years to come.  1aSo I joined a wellness center that catered to old people in cardiac rehab. No buff bodies to worry about there!  One day, I stumbled into a Spinning class. The rest is history. The instructor was incredibly motivating. He formed a team to ride in the MS 150. So I went out and bought a real bike, a Trek hybrid and started training outside.  I should mention the bike did not fit me. Being a large person I ordered a large bike.  Who knew?  My twin sister and I began participating in area club rides. 


Sandi and Sue . .  or, Sue and Sandi?

No one told us that you could stop whenever you wanted so we completed our first century on ill-fitting hybrids in the pouring rain. It took twelve hours. We were officially claimed at that point by the cycling cult.

Fast forward a couple of years - my daughter was granted a wish by the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Guess what she wanted - a bike.  Seeing how she is multiply handicapped this would take some doing. Fortunately we found the perfect tandem bike, custom made in Germany. Now we could ride together. Sarah and I have completed several 2 and 3 day rides.  



Twin sister Sue surprised me 6 years ago with a birthday present - A Cannondale R 1000 Sport,  CAAD5, triple chainring road bike.  We started riding as much possible. It felt like we were flying when we hit alarming speeds of 14 mph.  Then I started doing tours.  Those with hotel options only of course.  But this year, I decided to become brave and try the ultimate adventure - camping and cycling together.


Being the "camping virgin" that I was, I looked for the best services available.  Sister Sue had done many rides with Shuttleguy.  So I signed up on Shuttleguy's 2011 WISPRIDE. Shuttleguy took very good care of me on this, my maiden voyage.  




They didn't laugh at me when I asked if I could bring my inflatable recliner. They didn't scoff at my insisting to keep pepper spray in my tent. They pretended they didn't notice the first time I came out of the tent and tripped landing on my face.  Only a few comments were made about my American Tourister luggage and body pillow.  Rick, our tour director, was the kindest, most gentle, patient, helpful person I have ever met.  Highlights of the tour included wine and cheese tasting parties, a colorful brochure full of interesting historical sites to stop and visit, waterproof tents that did not leak one drop of water during a torrential downpour complete with hail, new friendships, beautifully planned routes, great food!   


I am signing up now for DALMAC UP using Shuttleguy Camping Domestique services.  My first and only!  I want more! 


Oh, and in my spare time I reside in Downers Grove IL and work as an RN.



Featured Video: Danny Macaskill, Industrial Revolution


Shuttleguy specializes in superior bicycle touring services for bicyclists with discriminating taste. Let us make life easy for you this summer on one of the many tours we support.
Tym Allison
Shuttleguy and Shuttleguy Tours