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July, 2011

The Shuttleguy crew is on the road! 

Ride Safe!

What's New?

Shuttleguy Staff on the Road Again


The touring season is in full swing for Shuttleguy staff and crew. BRAN and WISPRIDE  are already a memory. Last Sunday, everyone returned from Bike Tour of Colorado after having driven cross country from staffing Oklahoma FreeWheel, too.



Tym tries his hardest to find GREAT camping areas for Shuttleguy riders. One of the OKFW sites had beach front property!



BTC and OKFW staff in Colorado.  

Lots of great memories for riders and the crew! 

"Thanks for all of the great work you guys did on Bicycle Tour of Colorado. You more than exceeded our expectations of what this kind of service should be like. We loved the fluffy towels and comfy chairs at the end of a long, hard day on the road. The charging service for electronic devices and the bicycle pumps and work stand were also most appreciated.

Most of all, though, we enjoyed your staff. You were always there when we needed you."


Catherine and Evans, Durango



 In one week we are off to Tri State and then RAGBRAI!   




Featured Tour: Tri- State Ride

Tri State Ride

Not too late to sign up for this 2011 tour!



This ride highlights many of the most scenic areas of Wisconsin, Illinois and Iowa. As you ride the challenging route, you will experience spectacular hilltop vistas, meandering streams, and enjoy small town charm.


And the riding is only part of the draw. Riders will enjoy visiting many local highlights.


You start in McGregor, Iowa, nestled along the Mississippi River between towering bluffs.  Come early to explore the natural beauty, learn about the local history and experience a great mix of small town charm with a touch of big city flair. Get a taste of the local flavor at the winery and brewery. Visit the local casino or experience local culture at the Mar Mac Arts Center. Hike to unmatched views at Effigy Mounds National Monument and Pikes Peak State Park.


Then it's on to Potosi, Wisconsin. Visit the local museum,bike200X127 Passage Thru Time, and learn why Potosi is known as the "The Catfish Capital of Wisconsin". You won't want to miss the newly opened Transportation Museum, the National American Breweriana Museum and the newly opened National Beer Museum, see how beer is made and sample some of the local brews!

Potosi brewery

The next day, you are on to Galena, Illinois, where you'll spend two days giving you plenty of time to explore. Kayak and canoe, visit local museums and meander through downtown Galena's shops, galleries and restaurants. Discover why Forbes Traveler named Galena one of the "ten prettiest towns in America". Then it's on to Dyersville, Iowa. The rich history and the beauty of the area can be seen in the Basilica of St. Francis Xavier. This Catholic church's Gothic architecture will take your breath away and is only one of 52 in the United States. Of course, Dyersville is also proud to be the home of the Academy Award nominated film Field of Dreams. Have your photo taken as you run the bases or on the pitching mound as you wind up to throw that special fastball.

fodLeave time to visit the Farm Toy Museum, the Dyer-Botsford Doll Museum and Becker Woodcarving



We'll complete the loop by heading back to McGregor, biking along the Mississippi River visiting Guttenberg and Pikes Peak State Park.




Lots to do and see on this 230 mile tour.


Click here for the complete itinerary


Featured Article of the Month: Dealing with Bad Dogs

An especially important article for this time of year when Fido is out stretching his summer legs!


"How to Deal with Bad Dogs"

by Fred Mathenyand Ed Pavelka 



Dog attacks are high on the list of cycling fears. Maybe you can't stop Fang from giving chase, but
you can outsmart him if you know how dogs think-assuming that stinkin' mutt even has a brain! 


Know dog psychology. The majority of dogs who chase cyclists are merely defending their territory. When you pedal off the section of road that they consider their turf, you no longer pose a threat to their ancestral instincts and they lose interest. Incidentally, this is why you'll rarely be chased by a dog you encounter way out in the boonies. He's not on his turf so he couldn't care less about you. 


Know dog tactics. Dogs want to attack from the rear, coming up from the hindquarter. Even one who sits up in his yard ahead of you may wait till you pass before giving chase. You can use this to your advantage in the next tip because it gives you a head start. 


Sprint! You often can outsprint Fido when he's more interested in fooling around than in actually attacking. You can tell his intent by how hard he's running and his expression. An easy gait with woofing and ears and tail up, no problem. A full-out sprint with ears back, tail down and teeth out, problem. Still, the territorial gene can save you. If the road is flat or downhill, stand up and sprint to get past the dog's invisible boundary. 


Guard your front wheel. When a dog sees you
coming, he might make a beeline for your bike, then attempt to turn up beside you. The danger here is that his poor little paws will skid on the pavement and he'll plow into your wheels. If he hits the front one, you'll crash. Sprint so that you move forward faster than he expects, and give him a margin for error by steering farther into the road-if traffic permits! 


 read more about "Bag Dogs!"


Featured Riders: John Sargeant

John Sargeant

Hi there. My name is John Sargeant, " Sarge" to many. Where to start? I am a native Minnesotan (23 years), or as many would say, " a Golden Gopher." Thanks to a low draft number, I have been a Marylander ( "a Terrapin" ) for the last  41 years. I started biking when I was 9 years old, riding 25 miles daily to deliver papers. In fact, any, and all travel for fun was 2 wheeled. I took my first self contained tour to the St Croix River at 14 years of age. No one told me you had to be 16 to camp alone in the parks. Thank God for a great Park Ranger. Ranger Rick knows! Life was not complicated, and independent travel was a "norm." In those days, it was a Schwinn speedster. "Old reliable." Now, 2 carbon framed bikes are my steeds of choice. My serious riding has been since 1970, and I can't think of life without the bike.


My move to Maryland was for service in the Army as a physical therapist. My career has fostered my love of fitness. My love of the outdoors started from canoeing the Boundary Waters as a youth. I traveled Wisconsin near and far with my parents and grandfather.  In my 64 years, I have not tallied my mileage . . . more than 50K in the last 15 years. I hope life continues to allow many more tours, independent rides, and true bliss with every ride.


My group touring started in 2007 with the Tri State ride.


Sarge riding the Tri State in 2007


Other than 1 "3 H" day (Hills, Heat, Humidity), it was truly memorable. Shuttleguy was my hotel of choice.  I celebrated my 60th on the first day, realizing creature comforts were the "only way to go." The logo on the shirt says it best: "Ride, Relax, Repeat." The entire team was not only hospitable, but totally accommodating to any and all needs. That has been the norm for the 2008 Harvest ride to the Island and the 2011 WISPRIDE. Rick was on both, and he is "the man!"  


2008 Harvest Ride

 I have ridden Bike Virginia, using a similar type comfort service, but, there is no comparison. Shuttleguy goes the extra mile. They provide first rate accommodations, A+ History & Americana stops, and opportunities to smell the roses. This is the essence of my interest inWisconsin rides, as all can be achieved  as well as fantastic scenery. I have had the pleasure of riding all the Shuttle guy rides with my best friend, Tom. While we don't live close, we reconnect  during the week as though we have never separated. Thanks, in large part, to the structure of the rides from Shuttleguy. 

Sarge and Tom
Sarge and Tom

When not riding, my wife and I enjoy our St. Bernards. She doesn't ride, yet totally supports my passion in biking and animals. We started to rescue these big guys in 1987, and will continue until we can't physically continue. Hopefully, that will be when I can't findanother cog to allow me to climb the hills. Unlike people, the dogs (our family) know our moods, our pleasures, and provide us with true love and affection. When I get ready to leave on a trip, they recognize the luggage, and say, "oh no, here we go again", but the returns are the best. Several hours of: " where have you been, don't you dare leave again", and total slobbery, kissy reunion. Truly the best!



I also am actively involved in the Diabetes Association's Tour de Cure, having chaired the Maryland Ride committee for the last 6 years . . . a great way to ride, and, promote a great cause! "Life truly is good!"  




To all of you newbies, consider riding with this group, and for those repeaters, you know of which I speak! Stay up right, and ride on!


Shuttleguy specializes in superior bicycle touring services for bicyclists with discriminating taste. Let us make life easy for you this summer on one of the many tours we support.
Tym Allison
Shuttleguy and Shuttleguy Tours