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May, 2011

It's been a busy month around the Shuttleguy headquarters. Everything is coming together for a busy 2011 biking season. Hope you will be joining us on a ride this summer!

What's New?

Shuttleguy at Wisconsin Bike Summit
Tym recently attended the 2011 Wisconsin Bike Summit, where he spent time lobbying leaders, learning about bike projects and issues and talking with other bicyclists and bicycle advocates. 

Tym and fellow Bicycle Summit attendees strategizing before legislative visits.

Read all about the important discussion regarding the future of bicycling, in spite of the current economic conditions. 






Shuttleguy Lost and Found   

You can imagine the gear that goes in and out of our trailers all summer! Thousands of bags of all sizes. Sometimes things fall out of the bags or get left in a tent or under the canopy. We do have an in-camp Lost and Found box, but many times folks don't realize things are missing until they are home. 


Click this link to see the treasures that were left behind. (If you are one who left behind glasses you may need to find another pair to read this!)


2010 Shuttleguy Lost and Found 


Send an email to to claim an item.  




Shuttleguy Jerseys & T-Shirts

Through the years we have had requests from riders wishing to purchase a Shuttleguy jersey or T-shirt to add to their collection. This may be the year they are available!


Please take a moment, go to our Homepage here, and complete the survey at the bottom of the page.





 Shuttleguy Late Registration Fee

Make sure to beat the rush AND make sure there is a place for you in Shuttleguy's camp by  




Remember, higher late registration rates go into effect 30 days before the start of the tour!



Staff Update: Megan Loftsgaarden
What's Megan been up to?

Well, I finally graduated from college in December 2010. Yay, Biology and Chemistry!  To celebrate finishing school early, I left for the Maryknoll Language Institute in Cochabamba, Bolivia. I spent six weeks in a language immersion program, volunteering at an orphanage, and fulfilling my childhood dream of playing Indiana Jones at Machu Picchu!


megan at Machu Picchu

Megan climbing around at Machu Picchu


My wonderful fiance and best friend, Du Wayne, proposed shortly after I got back. (I think he missed me!) We are still waiting to see where life will take us, and have only tentatively set a date for next year. I am anxiously awaiting word back from Des Moines University Osteopathic Medical School and the Master's in Anatomy program there. I'll be on several tours this summer, most likely BRAN, OK Freewheel, BTC, and RAGBRAI. I can't wait to see everyone at camp!


Featured Tour:
Shuttleguy Tours WISPRIDE & Winery Tour

W I S P R I D E & Winery Tour

WISPRIDE is filling fast . . .  don't wait to sign up!


You are invited to participate in our newest Shuttleguy Tours adventure, the Wisconsin State Parks Ride, or as we have come to know it, WISPRIDE. We offer you six days of biking in some of the most scenic areas of Wisconsin.


We have also worked closely with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, Bureau of Parks, to secure camping accommodations in five "gems" in the crown of our state park system. 



WISPRIDE offers you beautiful vistas and scenery of the southwest five counties of the state, superb camping accommodations in five of Wisconsin's state parks, great small town hospitality, warm spring temperatures, a challenging route AND friendly and knowledgeable staff.

We will start and end our six day loop tour at Governor Dodge State Park. You'll want to arrive early to enjoy all that Dodgeville has to offer. As the Madison Capital Times describes the city, "Dodgeville has always been one of the prettiest towns around, with its old courthouse and brick storefronts lining North and South Iowa streets, the main business district. Lately it's blossomed into a wonderful destination for anyone who likes good food, great art, history, architecture and a wealth of shopping possibilities."  At Governor Dodge Park, hike around Cox Hollow and Twin Valley Lakes. Don't miss  . . .

Featured Article of the Month: Finding Time to Ride

For many of us it's almost that time of year to clean off  last year's dirt and grime from our stable of trusty steeds and get ready to hit the trail again. It's also a great time to develop some good biking habits.


Here is a great article!


"Finding the Time to Ride"

by Fred Matheny


We shouldn't feel excessive admiration for pro racers who log 600-mile weeks. They have plenty of time to ride and recover-that's their job. The real heroes are people like you, who find time to ride while still having a life away from the bike.

Full-time work, family commitments and cycling can be efficiently interwoven into your busy day. All it takes to schedule everything into 24 hours is maximum use of time-budgeting techniques.

Here's where to look for time slots that can accommodate your love for riding:

Riding your bike to work or school and back may be the best way to create time cycling time.  When you commute by bike, time normally spent sitting in a car is used productively as part of the training day. An eight-mile ride to work or school takes about 30 minutes each way. Even if you do no other riding, that's still an hour of cycling each weekday. The trip home can be lengthened as much as time, daylight and energy allow.


 read more about "Finding Time to Ride"


Featured Riders: Kate and Robert Dunning

Kate and Robert Dunning

kate5My dad (Bob) and I have always been biking partners. Our home base is Grafton, WI and we are lucky to have lots of local roads and trails to bike on. We really started riding when I was in high school, me on my purple Timberline mountain bike and my dad on his GT Hybrid. We started participating in the Door County Century in 1994 and continue to make this an annual ride. We completed our first century when I was still in high school. I made sure to put slicks on my mountain bike before setting off! We have missed just two rides since we started and have completed the century a handful of times.  



Robert and Kate on CANDISC


I have loved biking ever since I learned to ride around the block on my banana seat bike. Growing up, my sisters (Jean, Erin, Lori) and I would ride across town to the candy store or even "all the way" to the next city to visit the DQ.  While camping in Door County, my family of six would get on our bikes and ride the Sunset Trail to Fish Creek. It seemed like we rode all day, although it was really only about 5 miles. My dad then started taking us on the Sparta-Elroy Trail. We would pack our backpacks, ride the 30 miles to Sparta, stay overnight, and bike back the next day. We loved walking through the tunnels with our flashlights, especially the one where you got into the middle and couldn't see either end.

Our bikes have changed since then and so have our rides and our goals. We rode on Trek Hybrids for a few years, and then switched to road bikes. My dad rides a Trek 2300 and I went from a Trek 1000 to a Trek Pilot 1.2 to a Specialized Roubaix that I can't wait to break in this spring. We try to have 1000 miles in before our week long trip and 2000+ for the season.

We were challenging ourselves with longer daily rides when we first heard about SAGBRAW. We did our first weeklong ride in 2002 (with my sister Jean) and we were hooked. Everyone thought we were crazy for calling this a "vacation," but there's something about getting up, biking to your next destination, talking to people who love biking and being outdoors as much as you do, camping, and getting up the next day to do it all over again. We did SAGBRAW four more times (with Lori joining us multiple times) before wanting to try something different.  




Lori and Kate on RAGBRAI 2009

We searched the Internet for rides that would fit our schedules as educators. We came across CANDISC, a ride in North Dakota, and decided to go for it. This was our first out-of-state ride and our first experience with Shuttleguy. We saw the tents while on SAGBRAW and finally decided to treat ourselves. What a wonderful decision! It was a very small ride (about 500 riders) but the people were friendly and the scenery beautiful. The highlight in 2007 was the Peace Gardens on the US/Canadian border. We did one more CANDISC in 2008 and enjoyed Medora and the challenging riding in Teddy Roosevelt National Park.

While on our rides, people always talked about RAGBRAI and how it was an experience you'll never forget. We figured it was a once-in-a-lifetime kind of trip and entered into the lottery in 2009 with the Shuttleguy group. We were accepted and tried to prepare ourselves for the crowds and the miles. It ended up being a wonderful experience.   





2010 RAGBRAI finish in Dubuque


We returned to Iowa in 2010 with Lori for a second RAGBRAI where we completed the century option and biked up the infamous Potter's Hill, and are anticipating our third "once-in-a-lifetime" trip this July.

People still think we're crazy for the number of miles we ride and how we spend our vacation time, but to me it couldn't get any better. I'm out in the fresh air, getting exercise while doing something I love, and spending time with my dad. I don't know what the future will bring, but I hope it brings many more miles and adventures on the road. 

Shuttleguy specializes in superior bicycle touring services for bicyclists with discriminating taste. Let us make life easy for you this summer on one of the many tours we support.
Tym Allison
Shuttleguy and Shuttleguy Tours