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February, 2011

The staff at Shuttleguy are busy digging out from the last BIG storm to hit Wisconsin. BUT . . . we were able to make it to the BIG RAGBRAI Route Announcement party. See below for all the details.
What's New?

Shuttleguy at RAGBRAI the route announcement bash

For the second year in a row, Shuttleguy and Overland Touring staff attended the RAGBRAI Ride Announcement Party held Jan. 29, at the Hy-Vee Hall in downtown Des Moines gathering all the information needed to make YOUR stay with Shuttleguy during RAGBRAI a BIG success. RAGBRAI XXXIX will actually be one the annual bike ride's shorter but hillier routes.

ragbrai route
The ride starts in Glenwood, with overnigh
t stops in Atlantic, Carroll, Boone, Altoona, Grinnell and Coralville before the Mississippi River tire-dipping festivities in Davenport. The 454-mile route is the 14th-shortest, and 18 miles short of average. Fifteen routes have been hillier. Add up the mileage and hills, and RAGBRAI staff consider this the 22nd-easiest ride, meaning 17 routes have been tougher! And we will be there with you, waiting at the end of each day with the shade canopies up, lawn chairs set out, beverages iced down and plenty of snacks to munch on while you relax. And don't forget those fresh Lands' End towels everyday!  


ragbrai aution

Joe Connolly, IA Bike Coaltion, at RAGBRAI LIVE Auction


go here for RAGBRAI party pics . . .

ragbrai staff

L-R: Tym Allison, THE Shuttleguy; Wes Hall, RAGBRAI Assist. Director; Dave Clabby, OTC Manager; Bill Peters, OTC

With only 172 days left until the start of RAGBRAI, don't wait to sign up for the ride and for Shuttleguy. We provide you all the services necessary to make your cycling EASY!

In 2011, Shuttleguy will again have bus service from Dodgeville, the Chicago area and this year from Davenport to Glenwood. Leave the driving to us!

Featured Tour: ShuttleguyTours Tri State Ride

(Wisconsin State Parks Ride)

WISPRIDE is filling fast . . .  don't wait to sign up!

You are invited to participate in our newest Shuttleguy Tours adventure, the Wisconsin Parks Ride, or as we have come to know it, WISPRIDE. We offer you six days of biking in some of the most scenic areas of Wisconsin. wispride4aWe have also worked closely with the Wisconsin Depart- ment of Natural Resources, Bureau of Parks, to secure camping accommo- dations in five "gems" in the crown of our state park system.

WISPRIDE offers you beautiful vistas and scenery of the southwest five counties of the state, superb camping accommodations in five of Wisconsin's state parks, great small town hospitality, warm spring temperatures, a challenging route AND friendly and knowledgeable staff.

We will start and end our six day loop tour at Governor Dodge State Park. You'll want to arrive early to enjoy all that Dodgeville, has to offer. As the Madison Capital Times describes the city, "Dodgeville has always been one of the prettiest towns around, with its old courthouse and brick storefronts lining North and South Iowa streets, the main business district. Lately it's blossomed into a wonderful destination for anyone who likes good food, great art, history, architecture and a wealth of shopping possibilities."  At Governor Dodge Park, hike around Cox Hollow and Twin Valley Lakes. Don't miss  . . .

go here for all WISPRIDE details

Video of the Month: "Way Back Home"

With over 6,000,000 views, this is one not to miss!


Featured Riders: Mary Jean Prichard

I am from Watertown, South Dakota


Mary Jean Prichard

and just returned from the first South Dakota Bicycle Summit meeting held in Pierre. I am very excited about being a part of bicycle advocacy in my state and furthering the cause of recreational cycling. Bicycling became a passion for me when I entered my fifties. Like most people, I learned to ride a bike when I was a child. I remember my first bicycle very well. I saved my allowance and birthday money to pay for half of a $30.00 blue Huffy. At that time, my bike was used for transportation to the park, swimming pool, and ice skating rink. It represented freedom and independence! But like most people I abandoned bicycling in my teens when cars were my preferred mode of transportation. I went on to marry, raise a son, and have a career. I was never physically active - AT ALL!  I didn't have time.


Due to health issues experienced by parents, I realized that I needed to start taking care of myself. I joined our local rec. center and began yoga classes, walking on the treadmill, and improving my diet. My cousin, Janet Even, and I were walking side-by-side on the treadmill when she asked me if I would do the Mickelson Trail Trek with her. mjp_mt trekI agreed before even realizing that it was a three day, 104 mile bike ride in the Black Hills. Little did I know how much my life was about to change.


We bought bicycles - at a bike shop!  Our bikes were Schwinn Explorer comfort bikes. The first revelation was just how much more comfortable they were than previous discount store bikes I had ridden. We had six months to get in shape. We started by just riding around town, and then ventured onto the bike path, and finally road riding around Lake Kampeska. We learned about gearing and gained hill climbing skills. We joined the Watertown bike group on Saturday rides and learned about group riding. In September of 2004 we completed our first Trail Trek. It was the most exhilarating experience of my life and I was hooked on cycling.


The next summer I signed up for one day of Tour De Kota. I rode my very heavy comfort bike 74 miles on that first day. It was my longest ride ever! I learned I needed a more efficient bicycle for road riding. That led me to the purchase of my prichardssecond bike - A Jamis Coda hybrid bike. I loved the speed and ease of my new bicycle and signed up for the whole week of TDK the next year. I completed my first century - I was so proud of that century patch!  It was inconceivable to me that ANYONE would ride a bicycle 100 miles in one day - certainly not ME!  That was the year I signed up for the luggage service provided by Shuttleguy and met Sonja. I was hooked on touring and graduated up to a road bike - a Jamis Quest. My husband soon joined me and cycling became part of our lives. 


Mary Jean, Kristin (Shuttleguy staff), and Cathy Logue  

TDK 2010

We do Tour De Kota every year and use the camping services provided by Shuttleguy. It is truly a luxury camping experience and we enjoy being a part of the Shuttleguy family. We also completed the Shuttleguy Tri State tour and had a wonderful week touring Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Iowa. We learned that scenic means hilly but would highly recommend that tour to anyone. We regularly visit Lanesboro, an overnight stop on that tour. It was in Lanesboro that I was able to rent and try out recumbent bikes. 



MJ and her new recumbent

As a result of that trip, I added a Bachetta Giro recumbent bike to my collection and thanks to Shuttleguy was able to ride both my road and recumbent bikes on last year's Tour De Kota. I have reaped the benefits of an active lifestyle - I have lost weight and improved my health and fitness level. I have gained the confidence to try other sports.  I have hiked the Grand Canyon, kayaked on the Missouri River, completed a mini triathlon, and obtained my yoga instructor certification.


I can no longer imagine my life without cycling and am looking forward to more touring with Shuttleguy support in the future.

Shuttleguy specializes in superior bicycle touring services for bicyclists with discriminating taste. Let us make life easy for you this summer on one of the many tours we support.
Tym Allison
Shuttleguy and Shuttleguy Tours