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November, 2010

The touring season has come to a close with our last tour held two week ago, the Mississippi River Trail ride. A beautiful ride and a great way to end the season. Shuttleguy staff remain VERY busy serving as local hosts for the 2010 National Bicycle Tour Directors Annual Conference being held here in Madison the first week of November.

Read all about it here:

 . . . . . . and be sure to check out the great 2011 touring discounts listed below!

What's New?

Shuttleguy 2011 Tours and Dis- counts  Announced
We just finished our touring season, with the Mississippi River Trail ride, and Shuttleguy staff are already anxious about next years season.

You can share in the excitement too by register- ing before the end of the year and saving .

Registration process will be online, beginning November 15.

Shuttleguy 2011 Tours Announce-
ment BASH a BIG hit!
The Shuttleguy, Tym Allison, survived a MAJOR life event, turning 40 years old, earlier in

A combination 2011 Ride
  (not a current photo!)
Announcement and Birthday Party was held at the SG worldwide headquarters in Ridegway, Wisconsin.

Fifteen riders braved the cloudy windy day but had a great ride and LOTS to eat!

Tym and Sonja had such a good time they decided to stay 40 and 60 years old, respectively, FOREVER and celebrate again next year. Next year's party is October 8, 2011. Put it on your calendar!!!!


Click here to see photos of the Big Event!

Shuttleguy announces Tri State Ride photo contest winner
This year's Tri State Ride featured a photo contest for interested riders. Riders used their own cameras or one of the three supplied by Shuttleguy to capture images of scenery, fellow riders and points of interest along the way. Over 300 photos were submitted and riders voted for their favorite shot.

This year's winner is Matt Kujawa from Rochester, Minnesota. As the contest winner, Matt will receive a $50 discount, for himself and a fellow rider, on the 2011 Shuttleguy Tour of his choice.
Matt Kujawa

Here's a little about Matt's riding adventures:

"My biking experience started when I was 7 with my big brother teaching me how to  ride by putting me on a bike and pushing me down a steep hill in front of our house.   After that, I was one with the bike....  except when I was one with the asphalt.

I lost interest in the bike about the time I received my driver's license and started smoking cigarettes.  I didn't get back to biking until after 25 years of a pack and a half per day habit.  Soon after I was taking my boy(s) on week long tours across Wisconsin every year.  We've been riding the week long tours for the past 10 years.
The 2010 Tri-State Bike tour was the most scenic ride we've done. The group of riders is small, personable and a lot of fun. The towns we visit are quaint and the support team is great.    Thanks for the experience!"

I am 52 yrs old and am a Mechanical Engineer at a contract engineering firm.  I am part of a design and development team that works mostly on medical equipment.  I am still married to my first wife, Leslie.   I have 2 sons, Sam (19 yrs old) and David (16 yrs old) and two dogs.
The winning picture was taken along the Mississippi River Valley on the day we rode to Potosi, WI."
And here is the winning shot. A unique action photo many of us have probably observed, in one way or another, but never captured!


Featured Tour: Shuttleguy Tours WISPRIDE

We are still "tweaking" the final route of the parks we will visit in 2011. This was a VERY popular ride in 2010 and we expect this ride to fill-up in 2011. Limited to 40 riders.

Sign up today!


(Wisconsin State Parks Ride)
You are invited to participate in our newest Shuttleguy Tours adventure, the Wisconsin Parks Ride, or as we have come to know it, WISPRIDE. We offer you six days of biking in some of the most scenic areas of Wisconsin. wispride4aWe have also worked closely with the Wisconsin Depart- ment of Natural Resources, Bureau of Parks, to secure camping accommo- dations in five "gems" in the crown of our state park system. We start and end our six day loop tour at Wyalusing State Park, located on the banks of the mighty Mississippi.

The park is located high on a bluff above the confluence of the Wisconsin and Mississippi rivers.   In nearby Prairie du Chien, tour the Villa Louis and experience Victorian life during the 19th century as you visit the estate of one of Wisconsin's most prosperous families.

Day One
This will be our longest day of riding with our final home for the night being Yellowstone Park. As we pass through the small burgs of Bagley and Bloomington you will see dairy farms that have helped make Wisconsin  the "cheese state". 

Article of the month: How to Choose a Bike Club

It's getting to that time of year when folks, in many parts of the country dread the long cold winter that is just ahead. Why not join a bicycling club and stay active with fellow bicyclists all year long!

  How to Choose a Bike Club

  By Fred Matheny for

Cycling can be a solo sport. Long rambles through the spring countryside, hard rides in the hills, weekend tours to scenic areas-all can be enjoyed with only your own thoughts for company.

In fact, many cyclists prefer to go alone. Then they can choose their own route and are free to ride hard or stop and smell the flowers, as their fancy prefers.

But cycling is also the perfect group sport. Here are just five good reasons for riding with others:

  • Part of the thrill of riding a road bike is drafting other cyclists in close proximity.
  • A group lets you meet people, expanding your social horizons.
  • Racing is inevitably a group activity, so if you plan to compete it's almost mandatory to train with other racers at least part of the time.
  • Small group rides are fast because you can share the work at the front. You can cover more ground during your training time.
  • Small groups are safe because a pack of several riders is that much more visible to motorists. And if you have trouble of any sort, help is right there.

To get these benefits, it's a good idea to join a bike club even if you ride alone much of the time due to preference or your schedule.

But if there are two or more clubs in your area, how do you know which one to join? It depends on what you want to do and how you want to do it. Are you interested in recreational rides or racing?

Get to know area cyclists and ask why they joined the club they did. Go to club events to watch the organiza- tion and feel the atmosphere. Sit in on a club's monthly meeting to hear about issues and see what kind of people are at the helm.

Participate in club rides and tune in to the tenor of the group. Is it supportive or critical of other riders? Remember, if you enjoy cycling, you should enjoy it even more in the company of fellow riders. It pays to pick your club carefully.

more on bike clubs

Featured Riders: Deb and Denny Veercamp

Tandem Team from Minnesota

Denny and Deb on a
Leine Weekend


"My husband and I are late comers to the bicycle frenzy that now consumes our lives. Our reintroduction to the bicycle began in 2005 when we dusted off our 25-year-old Schwinns to bike the Root River trail near Lanesboro,

It wasn't many miles into the ride and I was struggling and ready to give up.  It was fate that brought me to rest in the path of a very strange looking tandem.  Two weeks later we were the proud owners of a night blue Rans Screamer recumbent tandem.  We knew nothing about bike tours or tandem clubs but we got educated quite quickly thanks to Google.


We signed up for SAGBRAW, our first week-long bicycle tour, in March of 2006 before we even had any road riding experience.  We began training by extending our road miles and practicing our communication skills (coast, shift, slow down!!!).  We were thankful for the hotel stays we booked in each layover city as the heat index soared into the triple digits.  We were first introduced to the Shuttleguy services during this trip.  We were amazed to see the tent cities set up each day ready for riders to enjoy when their miles were done for the day.


Our search for more tandem opportunities lead us to become members of the COWS (Couples on Wheels) tandem club of Wisconsin.  The club introduced us to the social world of rally riding.  We quickly became hooked on these 3-day tandem events.



We completed our first century ride in 2006 while attending the Apple Cider Century in Three Oaks, Michigan.  We could now consider ourselves avid cyclists.  We were no longer limited to biking only trails and the idea of a self-supported tour began to intrigue us.


In 2007 we began to increase our yearly miles by attending rallies and rides throughout the USA and Canada.  We began POI (points of interest) touring.  A rally in Springfield, IL (PSTR) was planned with routes steeped in history, a Canadian rally (CTR) introduced us to the scenic views of Owen Sound, and a rally in Ohio (ETR) pampered us with a 3-day stay at a resort which included our very own gourmet chef.  We completed our 2007 biking season by inviting COWS members to join Dennis and I as hosts for the COWS Fall rally held in Trempealeau County, WI.

In Rhinelander on PAW


The year 2008 included more rallies and rides reaching into Oklahoma in the south and to Gananoque, Ontario, Canada in the north.  We also planned and completed our first self-supported bike tour in Green County, WI.  This 4-day tour routed us through New Glarus, Monroe and Brodhead which included a stay in the Lance Armstrong room at the Earth Rider Bike Shop and Hotel.  We travelled each day with the bike fully loaded with all bike necessities and personal belongings packed in panniers.  We started biking in mid-April and continued into November putting a record total of 4,000 miles on the tandem for this 2008 season.


With all the biking we do, it's important to have a trusted bicycle mechanic.  Kevin at the Blue Heron Bike shop in Onalaska, WI keeps our tandem rolling down the road.  It was at this shop when a little yellow Bacchetta recumbent caught my eye.  My cycling skills were put to the test.  Controlling this bike was difficult at first but I became a fan instantly and purchased the bike after outfitting it for my needs.

Mississippi River Trail Ride, 2009

The highlight for 2009 was the staging of the Midwest Tandem Rally (MTR) in Rochester, MN-the granddad of all tandem rallies.  Our tandem friends would now be coming to our neighborhood and we had plans to entertain them on our turf.  MTR is always held over Labor Day weekend to give riders a 4-day cycling adventure.  Following MTR, Dennis and I hosted a Post-MTR rally in Lanesboro, MN-an extended 3-day ride along the Root River Trail.  We added additional rallies and rides to the calendar enjoying each new adventure we experienced. 


The 2010 season is now upon us and we were reintroduced to the Shuttleguy when we met Rick at the Bike-Expo in Minneapolis, MN.  We were already signed up for PAW's 8-day Northwoods tour when the Shuttleguy's Tri-State Ride was offered.  After contacting Rick a few times with questions, he won us over and we signed up.  This was to be our first combo biking/camping adventure.  We used the Shuttleguy Camp Domestique for all our camping needs and we were well cared for.  The people we met while on tour were awesome.  Our evening sing-along to Tom's guitar strumming was tops ending with a radiant rainbow that bloomed across our evening sky promising more fabulous riding to come.


Mississippi River Trail Ride, 2009


Our biking adventures continue and we look forward to the day when we can leave our day jobs and bike fulltime.  We will continue to watch for new ride events and experiences and hope to make your acquaintance when we are enjoying an adventure in your neighborhood."

Shuttleguy specializes in superior bicycle touring services for bicyclists with discriminating taste. Let us make life easy for you this summer on one of the many tours we support.
Tym Allison
Shuttleguy and Shuttleguy Tours