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August, 2010

The crew just returned from RAGBRAI where the riders AND staff all had a great time! There are still several fabulous rides coming up including BREW, DALMAC Mississippi River Trail Ride and Theater & Art.

Hope you can join us on one!

What's New?

Shuttleguy and Lance at Madison's Ride the Drive

On August 29th, the City of Madison will celebrate RIDE THE DRIVE a celebration of Madison's commitment to healthy, active lifestyles. This community event is an invitation for all citizens to leave their cars behind to experience some of Madison's most scenic byways a whole new way - by riding, walking, skating, or strolling along some of our city's most beautiful streets. RIDE THE DRIVE is FREE, open-to-the-public, and a family event - a whole new way to experience this great city from 10:00am to 4:00pm.

Lance Armstrong is scheduled to make an appearance and Ride the Drive.

Shuttleguy staff will be at the expo. Stop by and say HI!

Featured Tour: ShuttleguyTours BREW

Not too late to sign up for BREW!


(Bike Ride Exploring Wisconsin)
August 9 - 13, 2010

Experience challenging bicycling, craft beer, artisan cheeses, and local wines. A great blend of structured tours, select group meals, personal free time, amazing scenery, quirky attractions and personal attention by dedicated staff who know the area will make this a great bicycle vacation.  Five great days of moderate to challenging riding This is a camping tour with hotel options.

This five day loop tour begins and ends in New Glarus, Wis., home to the New Glarus Brewing Company. brew1Take a tour and enjoy a tasting at the New Glarus Brewing Company and then enjoy the atmosphere of New Glarus, America's "Little Switzer- land."

From New Glarus, head south through rolling hills dotted with small towns, farms and woodland pastures. Visit a cheese factory in Monticello, enjoy the beauty of the Sugar River, marvel the art and craftsmanship at a woodworking studio in Albany, immerse yourself in history at the Depot Museum in Brodhead, or relax in the old world charm of the revitalized downtown of Monroe. While in Monroe, take a tour of Minhas Craft Brewery, one of the oldest breweries in the country.

Leaving Monroe, you head north and west through some brewcornchallenging terrain in an area with many organic and community support agriculture farms. Take a break from the hills in Blanchardville with a stop for some bakery or organic food or take a tour of an organic farm or wool producer. Then head to Hollandale, home of Nick Englebert's Grandview, a collection of concrete sculptures, something one must truly see to believe. Then it is on to Mineral Point, our host for two nights. Enjoy Brewery Creek Brewpub, many artists, and great restaurants in this historic town.

Today is a layover day. Ride a loop leisurely loop through Wisconsin's beautiful countryside. brewpicnicSee Wisconsin's first capitol in Belmont, barn quilts, Amish buggies, historic buildings in Darlington like the depot and the Lafayette County Courthouse, Shulls-burg's charming downtown and some of the best riding you will ever see over low-traffic rural paved roads. Or take a day off of the bike in Mineral Point and explore historic Shake Rag Alley or the Pendarvis State Historic Site. Shop in one of the antique shops in the historic downtown area, explore one of the many art galleries and working studios in the area, or take in a round of golf. It is your day. Relax and enjoy. In the evening, take an optional trip to Potosi, home of Potosi Brewing Company and the National Brewery Museum where you will enjoy a wonderful tour and a great meal.

From Mineral Point head north to Dodgeville, where you can find the oldest functioning courthouse in the state, a great bakery and an 1827 cabin. brewsamplerThen head to Governor Dodge State Park where you will be wowed by the beauty of the bluffs, valleys, lakes and waterfall. From there, it is off through more rolling terrain of the driftless on the way to Spring Green where you can tour Frank Lloyd Wright's Taliesen. Sample Spring Green's Furthermore Beer as you enjoy a picnic and take in a show at American Players Theatre, an outdoor Shakespearean professional theater.

From Spring Green, you begin with a journey through some more of the driftless area of Wisconsin with rolling hills on the way to Barneveld and Botham Vineyards and Winery. On the way relax next to the Hyde Mill, a beautifully restored grinding mill tucked next to a stream. Challenge yourself to ride to the top of the hill in Blue Mound State Park or admire the view of the valley below from Brigham Park as you make your way to Mount Horeb, Troll Capital of the World. Take time to see the many shops, restaurants, and carved trolls along the "Trollway." From Mount Horeb, head back to New Glarus with five days of wonderful memories behind you.

Optional routes are available each day for those wishing for additional mileage. The route is entirely on paved roads. Several sections run close to non-paved trails if riders wish to use trails.

Article of the month:
Hot weather seems to bring on a rash of saddle sore problems. Here is a great article on how to deal with the problem.

How to Solve Saddle Sores
By Fred Matheny for

A saddle sore can ruin a ride. Even a tiny zit can begin to feel like you're perched on a golf ball. Nearly as painful are crotch abrasions caused by shorts that bunch or have an irritating seam.

Even the pros, hardened by thousands of miles in the saddle, fall victim to what cycling author Arnie Baker, M.D., calls "crotchitis." Fabled tough guys like Eddy Merckx and Sean Kelly had to abandon races when the pain became too great.

Most medical experts say that saddle sores are actually boils caused by skin bacteria that invade surface abrasions. Remedies have come a long way from the era when riders would put slabs of raw steak in their shorts to cushion the abraded area.

Of course, avoiding saddle sores is better than curing them (or ruining a good sirloin). Here's how:

more on saddle sores

Featured Rider: Ann Marie Raffis

annp"I'm sitting down to write this little ditty after my Saturday morning ride with my "biker boyfriends" and I can't think of a better way to start a day. 

My name is Ann and I hail from Cleveland Ohio, hardly the biking capital of America but we do OK as long as there isn't too much snow on the road!
At the age of 48+, I have been riding seriously for a little more than 10 years but as most of you reading this, I started as a kid.  Unlike most of you, I was raised by parents who never drove a car.  Yep, you read that right, both parents, never, ever, drove.  So that means we got places by walking, buses or the good grace of others. 

annbikeDuring the  sum mer time, I'd be out the door as early as possible and exploring the neighborhood on my bike.  My first road bike was purchased with money earned from delivering newspapers,  Boy did I love that bike.  It was my first taste of freedom  . . . but I digress.  I remember fondly, pushing the limits of how far I was allowed to go each day,  as well as the feeling of flying I enjoyed even back in those early days.  I also remember going to the neighborhood grocery store for mom, without a helmet, fancy shorts shoes or gloves, and carrying two bags of groceries, riding no handed, all the way home.

But, alas, that was before drivers were on the phone and texting at the same time!
So here I am, years later, having gotten back to the bike after a major life altering event (a nice term for divorce) and loving every mile of it.
Somewhere along the way I discovered bike trips and found that other crazy people share my passion for vacations that don't involve cruise ships.  I also found myself deciding that since I never got to take family vacations as a kid (think no Disney, no Yellowstone, etc) I'd like to ride my bike in every state of the union as an incredible way to see the world.  
When I am not playing Nurse Practitioner taking care of the women of Cleveland, I am riding my bike and planning out my next trip. 

WISPRIDE was my first trip with Shuttleguy but it won't be my my last! 

I'm now up to 23 states and thinking I have to get in more than one a year if I am really going to hit this goal before I am too old to peddle anymore!

 Links of the month:

Each month we will be passing on a few links that we thought you might enjoy or find useful.

Ever wonder how the riders build those ramps and jumps through the woods? See this video clip . . . . . . . 


 . . . . . . .  and wonder how videographers film those great scenes?

See how it is done this clip.


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