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July, 2010

It has been a busy time! Shuttleguy staff have now returned from BRAN, OK FreeWheel, Tour de Kota, Bike Tour Colorado and WISPRIDE.  We hope to see more of you yet this summer on Tri- State, RAGBRAI, Tour de Wyoming and DALMAC.
What's New?
Shuttleguy partners with TRIPS for KIDS  . . . . . . .  part two

Last month we told you about one of the results of  our winter  campaign benefiting TRIPS for KIDS. We split the proceeds between the national chapter in California and the chapter here in our home state of Wisconsin.

Here is the Wisconsin Story from the students' adviser, Matt.

Hi Tym,
We received your check today and I just can't say thanks enough for your donation and what this means to our little club.  This donation will go a long way towards helping us reach our goal of 5 mountain bikes added to the fleet in 2010.  I've included a picture of a handful of our club members. 
I hope you understand that the impact of this donation goes way beyond the financial aspect.  When I told the kids that a company in Dodgeville - which I had to show them on a map - ran a fundraiser for TFK and was donating $200.00 directly to our chapter you could literally feel the excitement and amazement in the room.  It makes them feel special and that they are part of something really cool - something that people that they have never met feel strongly enough about to donate funds to - frankly, your generosity is humbling.  Even with the incredible trail systems that we have both locally and regionally, hardly any high school students rode mountain bikes before these efforts.  Certainly all those fresh driver's licenses are part of the problem - but we are located in what consistently ranks as one of the poorest areas of Wisconsin and in truth a large majority of our families just can't afford the cost of a decent bike shop bike and helmet.  In fact, we have to drive an hour to reach the nearest dedicated bike/ski shop.  By getting our students on bikes and helping them have a great time on the trails, we feel strongly that a positive influence will be made in their social and academic life and that they will start to understand the importance of protecting our natural resources.  Sounds a little lofty I know - but that is what we are shooting for! 
Again, thanks so much for the donation and  support of our chapter.  I'll be sure to keep you informed of our progress!


Shuttleguy helping out on the local bicycle scene

There's lots of riding going on in southern Wisconsin during most of the spring, summer and fall. We like to help out when we are not on the road touring. Many times this involves using our Shuttleguy vans to provide SAG service on larger rides. Staff assisted on the Iowa County Humane Society Quadrupedal by helping mark the course and providing SAG service as well as the Panther Cycling Club's Feed the Need.

Recently the Morning Rotary in Janesville, Wisconsin, needed help for their 700 rider PIE ride. It was the first year for the new century loop and they had free pie!

Type caption text here.
Jere Johnson, PIE ride director, (right) and Rick from Shuttleguy help riders collect the "fruits of their labor."

Article of the Month

It's that time of the year when things are starting to heat up for many of us as we move into summer. Here is a good article about the second most important thing after having air in your tires!

How to Hydrate for Better Performance 
By Fred Matheny

If it's the summer cycling season, it's probably hot where you live. Cyclists and other outdoor athletes are the first to notice rising temperatures. And the hotter it is, the faster you lose fluids when you ride.
Fluids are crucial to your performance and sense of well-being. We're really just big bags of fluid-our blood contains about 50 percent water. Because water helps keep us cool, a loss of only one percent of our bodyweight as sweat means a significant loss of speed and endurance.

I know you've heard it before-drink, drink, drink! But it's amazing how few cyclists heed this advice. They forget to drink because of the excitement of the ride, then they wilt before the end.

But proper hydration is easy.

Here's how: 

Ride Early or Late. You'll need to replace fewer fluids if you ride when it's cooler. One approach: commute by bike so you ride early in the morning and again in the evening when temperatures have moderated. Ralph Phillips, owner of Fairwheel Bikes in Tucson, beats summer temperatures above 100 degrees with dawn rides.
Practice Drinking On the Bike. If you aren't comfortable taking one hand off the bar to pull the bottle from the cage, practice while riding in an empty parking lot or lightly traveled road with a wide shoulder. Hold the bar with your other hand near the stem to limit swerving as you reach down. 

Pre-hydrate. Make sure you're well hydrated before the ride. Most people are chronically dehydrated because they simply don't drink enough water. Keep a bottle on your desk and sip frequently all day. For an energy as well as fluid bonus, down 16 ounces of a sports drink about an hour before the ride.

Drink During the Ride. Because your body's sensation of thirst lags behind its need for liquid, always sip from your bottle before you get thirsty. When you feel thirsty, it's already too late. Make it a habit to reach for your bottle every 15 minutes and slug down a couple of big swallows.

Most riders need one big bottle (about 28 ounces) per hour but it's highly variable depending on temperature, intensity of the ride, and other factors such as body size. Experience will help you judge your fluid needs.

Hydrate After the Ride. No matter how much fluid you drink while riding, in hot weather you'll finish the ride depleted. Your stomach doesn't empty fast enough to keep up with the demand.
Weigh yourself before and after the ride. Compare the figures. If you've lost weight, drink 20 ounces of fluid for each pound of bodyweight you're down. Keep drinking until your weight has returned to normal and your urine is pale and plentiful.

Restore Sodium Levels. Those white stains on your clothing and helmet straps after a hot ride come from the salt that you sweat out. It needs to be replaced. Low sodium levels are associated with increased incidence of cramps. Heavy sodium losses lead to hyponatremia, a potentially life-threatening condition.

Your sports drink should contain at least 100 mg of sodium per 8 ounces (check the label). It may also help to salt your food when you're riding frequently in hot weather.

Featured Tour
 Theater and Art Ride
August 20 - 22

There is great riding available to all, as you ride through the beautiful SW corner of Wisconsin and take in some great theater.theater1

Each day you will have a choice of routes ranging from intermediate difficulty to challenging. This is a camping tour. Hotels are optional.

The tour begins Friday, Aug. 20, when you will enjoy a delicious dinner and a chance to explore local artist studios and galleries. Enjoy an exciting outdoor theater production at Mineral Point's Alley Stage. This quaint outdoor theater is in its fourth season.

theater2On Saturday you will travel from Mineral Point to Spring Green. You will have opportunities to visit some rural artist studios along the route and take in some local historic sites. Saturday evening, enjoy a picnic on the grounds of Tony-nominated Amer- ican Players Theater (APT) in rural Spring Green. Enjoy a dynamic show after the meal in the outdoor theater.

On Sunday you will head back south on another great route back to Mineral Point. There will be plenty of time today to visit galleries, tour Frank Lloyd Wright's Taliesin, or explore the House on the Rock before you head back home.theater4

You will have the opportunity to visit artists in their home studios along the route. You can enjoy the many "living artists" who have made their studios and homes in the historic buildings of Mineral Point. While in Spring Green you will have time to browse the many beautiful art galleries.

This intimate tour has a maximum of 50 riders. You will not wait in long lines for food and restrooms.

You will also enjoy the special attention you will receive from the Shuttleguy Tours staff.
Featured Rider: Tim Payne

I have been riding most of my life except for a brief spell when I was
timsmallnto dirt and street motorcycles.

The last twenty y
ears have been devoted to bicycle riding and each year I tend to increase my mileage, covering eight thousand miles last year. 

I belong to t
he JCBC (Johnson County Bike Club) and do some of the weekend rides they sponsor, but most of my daily riding is solo. 

I live on the outskirts of the urban jungle and my time is spent riding in the rural countryside.  I have no favorite ride I'm just thankful that I'm able to get out and ride each day.
Here in Kansas I'm able to ride year round but I much prefer to ride in the heat of the summer. 

This year I have been able to start a bike club at my place of employment and have twelve people riding twice a month on Sunday mornings and I'm really excited about seeing people proactively changing their lifestyles in a healthy manner.
This year I was also able to get my wife on a road bike and she has really started getting into riding. She has been riding with me on sponsored rides and training rides this summer.  Buying her a new Giant Avail didn't hurt either, along with all the new riding clothes. The bottom line is riding bicycles reminds me of my childhood and the freedom that Schwinn Stingray gave me, to go wherever I chose to go on any given day.


One of the best things I have come to know is the excellent service that Shuttleguy provides and I look for the rides they put on or service as my first priority.  The Shuttleguy team/family is first class and I look forward to seeing them each year on the rides. 

I have five sons ranging in ages from nineteen to twenty-seven.  I have diligently encouraged them to take up cycling and have started making a little headway with them.  It didn't hurt buying them bikes and challenging them to come out and try to keep up with the OLD MAN!

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Shuttleguy specializes in superior bicycle touring services for bicyclists with discriminating taste. Let us make life easy for you this summer on one of the many tours we support.
Tym Allison
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