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June, 2010

Shuttleguy Staff are anxious to get out on the road. Hope to see many of you this summer!

What's New?

Nathaniel wins two Tri-State Rides

Were you one of the folks who put their name in the fish bowl this year as Shuttleguy toured the Midwest bike expos? We visited six events and had the newsletter signup and free Tri State drawing bowl out at each event.

Once back home we used
Katia pushes the button
a computer random number generator program to pick the lucky winner. As you can see here the newest member of the Shuttle guy family pushed the magic button to pick the lucky winner.

The winner is Nathaniel from Stevens Point, Wisconsin.

Here's Nathaniel's story!

Nathaniel and his Tri State gift certificate for two.

"I am excited about the upcoming trip and feel honored that I won.  I have been biking for many years. I think the addiction started when I biked 6 miles to school and 4 to deliver papers everyday when I was 14 through 16.  I continued to ride our somewhat famous Green Circle in Stevens Point, but never really ventured too much out of that until I acquired an old trek road bike from my brother in law.  Last year I got a little more courageous and went all the way to the Dells of Eau Claire.  I planned a trip to Door County with a friend but we couldn't get the time off of work.  This trip I'm thinking will make the regret of not going vanish.  I currently ride I believe a '91 Trek 520 touring bike that I got on Craigslist and a fixie I built from scratch to jump around town.  When not biking I love to play softball, watch the Brewers, and occasionally imbibe on some of our delicious Wisconsin beers". 

Shuttleguy partners with TRIPS for KIDS

For two months this winter we had a big kick off campaign for our new newsletter with a joint effort to raise money for the national TRIPS for KIDS organization. Their mission is to provide bicycle experiences for young children. The deal was we would donate $1 to the organization for every Shuttleguy online newsletter, Twitter and Facebook subscription. The result was 400 of you signed up during January and February!

We sent half the total to the national chairperson Marilyn Price, from Mill Valley, CA. . . . . . next month, the rest of the story!

Marilyn Price, national chairperson, Trips for Kids
marilyn TFKs

Featured Tour
Mississippi River Trail Ride
October 16-17, 2010

This tour is a shorter version of our popular Tri-State Ride. Our goal is to provide a fabulous, fully supported tour as well as brintheater2g attention to the Mississippi River Trail, a 3,000 mile bicycle route starting at the headwaters of the Mississippi River in Itasca, Minn. and ending at the great Mississippi delta at the Gulf of Mexico.

This weekend of cycling will take you along parts of the Iowa and Wisconsin legs of the
Mississippi River Trail. Many cyclists will see this ride as a great training opportunity for week-long summer tours.

Experience breathtaking landscapes sculpted by the Mississippi River and its many tributaries. Immerse yourself in this wonderful, natural area, home to many varieties of plant and wildlife. You can take in bald eagles soaring above, duck and geese at the river's edge and deer in the woods. Enjoy the small-town charm of our friendly host communities. All of the details are taken care of so you can enjoy carefree cycling.
This two day loop tour begins and ends in McGregor, Iowa. McGregor will be our friendly host town for registration and pre-ride festivities. We will be camping in Turn
er Park. After registration and setting up camp you can enjoy the many sight seeing, shopping, and dining experiences McGregor and its twin city Marquette have to offer.
Day 1:
It is southward bound as you follow the Mississippi River Trail. Today you will enjoy some beautiful views of the river, river1take in beautiful farmland vistas and enjoy the Iowa towns of Clayton, Guttenberg, Luxemburg and North Buena Vista. Immediately south of McGregor take a left into Pikes Peak State Park and enjoy some stunning panoramic views. In Guttenberg you can view the activities at Lock #10. In "Buenie" as the locals call it, take time to stop and marvel at the amazing grotto that was built into the bluff in the heart of this little hamlet during the great depression. You will end the day's journey with a ride across the Mississippi River on the Cassville ferry.

Day 2:
river3Today you will pedal uphill on the Wisconsin side to Prairie du Chien. Just kidding. There are a few downhill sections along the way. You will also ride through the charming towns of Glen Haven, Bagley and Wyalusing. Then you will cross the great Mississippi River back into Iowa.

A great way to see some beautiful scenery, at a great time of the year and begin to close down your riding year.

Article of the Month

This time of year there is still lots of junk out on the road. Here are some good tips on what to look out for!

 How to Survive Road Hazards
By Fred Matheny and Ed Pavelka

Cycling is a unique sport because its arena is the open road. That's the same place frequented by traffic, potholes, snarling dogs and absentminded pedestrians.

But sometimes we're our own worst enemy. Inattention and poor technique can put us on the pavement as fast as any hazard. Use these tips and you'll be less likely to take a tumble.

Always ride with your head up.
While cruising along, it's tempting to stare at the whirling pattern of the front spokes or fixate on your cycle computer's numbers. A momentary downward glance that lasts just a second too long can mean riding into a problem that could easily have been avoided.

Focus. The smooth and rhythmic motion of pedaling can have a hypnotic effect. Daydreaming cyclists have crashed into the back of parked cars, wandered far into the traffic lane or blithely ridden off the road. Don't let yourself be separated from the outside world by the vivid canvases created by your imagination. Keep your head in the game.

Keep your bike in top mechanical condition. Repair or replace faulty parts sooner rather than later. It's a loser's game to milk "just one more ride" out of worn brake pads, a frayed cable, or tires with a threadbare tread or bulging sidewall. Your first line of defense against the challenges of the real world is a bike with all parts in good working order.


It's every rider's fate to flat. But it's relatively easy to limit the frequency.

Choose your line with care. The best way to avoid punctures is also the easiest: Steer around broken glass, road rubble and potholes.

Featured Rider: Sue Butler

When she was a kid, Sue Butler was relatively healthy and active. The youngest of eight kids and athletic, she enjoyed playing outside and always tried to maintain a competitive edge. Then, life happened. Busy with finishing grad school, then teaching needy kids in a rough area, she got unhealthy. Sue became inactive, fat, lethargic and cranky (her own words!).

After taking off some weight, Sue decided to try getting in shape. After spinning in the gym, the outdoors called and she purchased her first adult bicycle, a nondescript Schwinn.  A few years later,

Sue on Tour de Kota

she joined a cycling club whose motto was "We ride to eat". Participation in that group lasted only one season, but opened the door to organized rides. The following year on a new Gary Fisher hybrid, Sue rode in her first century. Being the driven, goal-centered person that she was, she had no idea that you could "quit" the ride. She didn't know what "SAG" meant, and stopping was never considered. Twelve hours after beginning, she finished the ride. The cycling bug bit Sue big-time that day! There was no going back.

Sue tried racing once, and won, but didn't care for it. Rather, she enjoyed long quiet rides. Six years ago, she did her first week-long tour, and loved it. Floor-flopping in the gym with hundreds of other cyclists was okay, but then she learned of a service called Shuttleguy. Having someone else see to the details of camping was too good to be true.

After that first year, Sue became a sort of "Shuttleguy groupie". She described one of the annual rides as "returning to summer camp" - same friends, new adventures.

"Shuttleguy Groupies"

Riding all summer became a passion. Sue bought a Cannondale road bike, and when that was damaged in a crash, a Trek. The prospect of being on the road all summer, visiting new places, and meeting up with old friends gave her the energy she needed to endure the gray Chicago winters and the challenges of her job. She now completes 4-5 week-long rides each summer.

Her favorite ride? Bike Tour Colorado

When you see Sue out on a ride, ask her how she made this magazine cover!

Oh yeah, she hasn't brought along her own tent on any of them. She thanks Shuttleguy for making all this possible.

 Video Links of the Month

Yeah, I can do that! 


Are you ready for RAGBRAI?


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