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April, 2010

No more snow, it's time to ride!

What's New?


tymThe news spread like wildfire that to round out this year's roster, the  organizers of Team Radio Shack have asked our own Shuttleguy president, Tym Allison, to join the team for their 2010  Tour de France race.

While relatively unknown on the racing circuit, the popular touring company president was ecstatic in learning he had been chose for the team.

Fellow rider and team leader, Lance Armstrong was quoted as saying . . . .

Shuttleguy will offer bus transportation  from Chicago to the 2010 RAGBRAI

Our new RAGBRAI Chicago transportation option is filling fast! If you have signed up for Shuttleguy RAGBRAI services and are interested in busing from Chicago instead of Dodgeville, please contact Rick at 608-341-6089 or email

Shuttleguy at local bicycle Expos

See you at the Wheel and Sprocket Expo, April 8-11 in Milwaukee
3rd Annual Minnesota Bike Summit & Expo, April 23 & 24, in Minneapolis
2010 Minneapolis Bike Expo

Shuttleguy to make BIG Announcement

Don't miss our April mid-month newsletter regarding a BIG savings bargain announcement! Our version of the federal stimulus package. Use the button on the left to send a copy of this email to your friends so they can subscribe and not miss out!

Look for the mid month newsletter on
April 15th!

Featured Tour: Shuttleguy Tours Mississippi River Trail Ride

Mississippi River Trail Ride
October 16 - 17, 2010

On this challenging route, Shuttleguy Tours offers you: genuine Midwestern hospitality, breathtaking scenery, friendly and knowledgeable staff andmrt5
two days of great cycling.

This tour is a shorter version of our popular Tri-State Ride. Our goal is to provide a fabulous, fully supported tour as well as bring attention to the Mississippi River Trail, a 3,000 mile bicycle route starting at the headwaters of the Mississippi River in Itasca, Minn. and ending at the great Mississippi delta at the Gulf of Mexico. This weekend of cycling will take you along parts of the Iowa and Wisconsin legs of the Mississippi River Trail. Many cyclists will see this ride as a great training opportunity for week-long summer tours.

Experience breathtaking landscapes sculpted by the Mississippi River and its many tributaries. Immerse yourself in this wonderful, natural area, home to many varieties of plant and wildlife. You can take in bald eagles soaring above, duck and geese at the river's edge and deer in the woods. Enjoy the small-town charm of our friendly host communities. All of the details are taken care of so you can enjoy carefree cycling.

Registration Day: This two day loop tour begins and ends in McGregor, Iowa. McGregor will be our friendly host town for registration and pre-ride festivities. We will be camping in Turner Park. After registration and setting up camp you can enjoy the many sight seeing, shopping, and dining experiences McGregor and its twin city Marquette have to offer.

mrt2Day 1: It is southward bound as you follow the Mississippi River Trail. Today you will enjoy some beautiful views of the river, take in beautiful farmland vistas and enjoy the Iowa towns of Clayton, Guttenberg, Luxemburg and North Buena Vista. Immediately south of McGregor take a left into Pikes Peak State Park and enjoy some stunning panoramic views. In Guttenberg you can view the activities at Lock #10. In "Buenie" as the locals call it, take time to stop and marvel at the amazing grotto that was built into the bluff in the heart of this little hamlet during the great depression. You will end the day's journey with a ride across the Mississippi River on the Cassville ferry.

Day 2: Today you will pedal uphill on the Wisconsin side to Prairie du Chien. bluff1Just kidding. There are a few downhill sections along the way. You will also ride through the charming towns of Glen Haven, Bagley & Wyalusing. Take time to visit two of the gems of Wisconsin's state parks, Nelson-Dewey State Park and Wyalusing State Park, where you will be wowed by the amaz- ing views overlooking the Mississippi. Then you will cross the great Mississippi River back into Iowa.
Optional routes will be available on each day for those who would like additional miles.

Article of the Month: The Crucial First Ride

Every spring, a goal of all riders should be encouraging others who have not ridden for a while to get back on a bike. Here are some great tips on making sure they keep riding!

The Crucial First Ride
Make Sure a New comer Returns for a Second Ride!

By Ed Pavelka of

If you've been in this sport for long, you've probably seen it happen. An enthusiastic person shows up for his (or her) first ride with the local club. He's a bit intimidated by the lingo he overhears, but that's nothing compared to his anxiety about what to do and how to do it once the ride gets underway. Before long he's trailing behind, spooked by the interplay of bike wheels and feeling as wanted as an IRS agent in a Super Bowl pool.

Do you think this guy will be back for another ride next weekend? Not likely.

It's unfortunate, but experienced cyclists are often pretty tough on newcomers. It may be intentional because of the risks that an unskilled bike-handler creates for everyone, but more often it happens because we forget how much a novice cyclist doesn't know. If you think about it, riding a bike isn't all that easy.

Featured Rider: Gerri Mack

Gerri rode with Shuttleguy's RAGBRAI charter in 2009 AND she is back in 2010. Here is her story, in her own words!

Along for the R i d e  
Springfieldian Gerri Mack went from novice bicyclist to a finisher in Iowa's 450-mile bike ride, the RAGBRAI. Learn how you can cross the finish line, too.

It was 6:30 a.m. on Day 4 of my 450-mile bike ride across Iowa, and I couldn't see my riding partner five feet in front of me. A thick fog had settled in the central valley over- night, and although I was shar­ing the road with nearly 10,000 other cyclists, I could only make out crude shapes in the mist and hear disembod- ied voices shouting "biker off,' "biker on" and the chillingly urgent "biker down!" I was a 52-year-old woman who didn't even own a bicycle six months ago. How did I get here? In the vortex of the cloud I had time to re­flect on the journey that led me to this seven-day adventure known as the Register's Annual Great Bike Ride Across Iowa, also known as RAGBRAI, and to a week that I would count among one of my top five experiences in life.


Shuttleguy is still searching for summer tour staff including Tour Managers, Manager Assistants, and Camp Assistants.

What better way to see the country?! From the western Bike Tour of Colorado to the eastern Oklahoma Free Wheel, enj
staffoy the great outdoors and work with some of the best bicycling clients on the road. Almost as fun as riding the tour yourself!

Lodging, food and transportation included. Flexible schedule, work part of the summer or all of it.


Can't get away yourself? Pass this link on to friends, children or others who might be interested. No bicycling experience necessary. Memories to last a lifetime.

Interested? Contact

 Links of the month:

Each month we will be passing on a few links that we thought you might enjoy or find useful.

This may not be the best bike for touring, but it is an ingenious design and a fun video to watch! 

Jim Toledano has completed the 600 mile AIDS Lifecycle charity bike ride five times. When riding a bike, it's important to eat nutritious food and replace your electrolytes. Get basic nutrition tips for bicyclists in his video.


Shuttleguy specializes in superior bicycle touring services for bicyclists with discriminating taste. Let us make life easy for you this summer on one of the many tours we support.
Tym Allison
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