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The Purple Helmets
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G'day Everyone,



We have been able to confirm the last few schools to those already listed and finalize our upcoming schedule during the next four months - if a certain future school is sold-out make sure you get on the "waiting list" to fill any of the few cancellations that we generally get in the last days leading up to a school.  


Oct 22/23 (Sat/Sun) Denver, NC - Sold out!
Nov 12/13 (Sat/Sun) Sydney, Aust - Only 2 spots remaining!
Nov 15/16 (Tue/Wed) Perth, Aust - Sold out!
Nov 18/19 (Fri/Sat) Melbourne, Aust - Sold out!
Nov 20/21 (Sun/Mon) Melbourne, Aust - Only 3 spots remaining!
Dec 3/4 (Sat/Sun) Victorville, CA - Sold out!
Dec 10/11 (Sat/Sun) Tallahassee, FL - Only 6 spots remaining!

Jan 7/8 (Sat/Sun) Sebastopol, CA - Sold out!
Jan13/14 (Fri/Sat) St George, UT - Open for registration
Jan 21/22 (Sat/Sun) Plant City, FL - Open for registration
Jan 23 (Mon) One day "HardCore" Advanced class ($200) - Plant City, FL - Open for registration
Feb 4/5 (Sat/Sun) Sicily Island, LA - Open for registration
Feb 11/12 (Sat/Sun) Columbia, SC - Open for registration 
Feb18/19 (Sat/Sun) Victorville, CA - Only 8 spots remaining!
Mar 3/4 (Sat/Sun) Sebastopol, CA - Only 2 spots remaining!

Next month we will announce the remainder of the 2012 school schedule - it's going to be another packed and busy year especially considering we will definitely be squeezing in the filming, producing, and release of the final two DVDs in the Advanced series (Vol #3 & 4). Looking forward to that!

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The latest in the "Moto" movies is about to be released in two weeks and it is loaded with heaps of the best offroad action that you're able to find anywhere. It also features a segment with myself and the old man tearing up the trails during our epic pilgrimage through Idaho mountains this summer! Be sure to order from us
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Check out the promo teaser below for a quick glimpse of easily the best dirtbike action movie of the year!

MOTO 3 The Movie (Feature Trailer)
MOTO 3 The Movie (Feature Trailer)

Reminiscing with The Purple Helmets
The Purple Helmets - Stunt Riding
The Purple Helmets - Stunt Riding

I have no idea how to describe The Purple Helmets.  How about "Monty Python's frat-boy nephews meet The Three Stooges?

If you've ever watched any coverage of the Isle of Man TT, you've probably seen those wacko guys in dirty brown dusters riding beater Honda 90's and entertaining the crowds between races with totally outrageous stunts.  Finding this video had me reminiscing about the glory days at the ISDE where these guys got their start by being a bunch of mates trying to be unique and have a great time while supporting the team from Great Britian.  I first witnessed their antics in Poland in 1995 and this video brought back some memories of a forgotten time.
Caption Contest Winner 
We recently used and old race pic and ran a photo caption contest on Australia's leading dirtbike forum website,, with the winner gaining a free spot to one of our upcoming schools in Oz.

Congratulations to Nick Wedd on his winning entry shown above!

We had a tough time choosing all of the winners, but the following are our 2nd and 3rd place getters:

2nd (Winner of soon-to-be-released Moto3 The Movie): Username "Booway"
Pit Board =You've shat yourself!
Yelling =We had sex once and see what happened!

3rd (Winner of DirtWise Advanced Volume #2): Username: "TMan"
Pit Board=This is not what I meant when I said do whatever the f#%c you want!
Yelling=You said Every Given Sunday, Not every F#$%in' Sunday!

Check out Australia's biggest online forum at
to see all of the entries and to get the lowdown on all of the trail side gossip from downunder!

Former Student's Share Their Successes and Crazy Spectacular Action!!!
Shane, thought you'd like a pic of your graduates basking in glory. Here we are after the Silver Dollar Shootout (Geneseo, IL). Your training definitely helped us all get faster!
Thanks, Kurt Marsan
Ryan Guswell - 1st vet B
Kurt - 1st sr. B
Paul (Aka Gobbler) 3rd Super sr
Joey - 2nd C
Jim - 1st C

(Hey guys, maybe you should do the "gobbler" photo with your trophies next time so I can share it with everyone, ha, ha!)
MA logo 16 year old Aussie Daniel Sanders, a former DirtWise student and supported by Shane Watts and the DirtWise Academy, makes an impressive GNCC debut in the U.S.


  Check out the awesome press he received here.



Check out the rest of Pat O'Neill's Crash Photos

Former Canadian DirtWise attendee Pat O'Neill:
 "It was just a good day of practice at Burnt River, getting ready for the XC. I was doing a one and a half hour moto, and on my last lap the bike just sort of took off on a jump face. I tried to ghost ride it but the seat grabbed me and took me for a tumble..."

This is just one of the great shots in a photo sequence of the crash on our mate Dan Paris put up on his website: Thanks for making this available guys, and we're stoked that you walked away from that one Pat!


Huge congrats go out to our good mate John Bowling who placed 2nd Overall in the B45 Championship for the National Enduro Series. 

National Enduro Announces Winner of
Free DirtWise School!

nat enduro winner
Winner: Jerry Beam
Jerry Bean from Florida not only earned the 30+ "C" class championship this year but he also won a "free" DirtWise with Shane Watts school at the year end awards presentation for the National Enduro Series. CONGRATULATIONS JERRY!

Thanks to all of you out there, our friends and students, who help make the DirtWise Academy of Offroad Riding Schools and Instructional DVDs the leading riding skills learning institution available to offroad enthusiasts.

Keep on roosting!!!

Shane Watts

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