Watts Happening???December 2, 2010
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G'day Everyone,


As the colder weather starts to set in, the DirtWise headquarters have been a hive of activity as we are slammed trying to keep up with not only shipping out the new DirtWise Adv #2 DVD, but also organizing the 2011 DirtWise school schedule, plus enjoying some time with our new family member who arrived on his actual due date of Thanksgiving Day, Nov 25. He is the main reason why this "cyber-Monday" style e-Newsletter is getting sent out a few days later than hoped - check out some pics of him by scrolling further down!

Below you will find a few Christmas gift specials that we have got going on at the moment.  Be sure to utilize them to hook up that special someone in your life, or just use them for yourself.

As mentioned in an earlier newsletter,  the new DirtWise Advanced Instructional DVD - Volume #2: How to Master Corners, Braking, and Roosting through Tight trees is in our hands and ready to ship immediately to you. Use it to get the inside scoop on the specific training exercises that will fast track your learning and skills improvement.

Check out the trailer video by clicking here!

FYI! Our latest Free DirtWise online riding tip will be loaded to our YouTube channel on December 15th and can be accessed through our home page. Check it out, then head to our web store to purchase the NEW Advanced #2 DVD to get the complete low down on how to perform each skill.

DirtWise Holiday Specials!
  • Purchase any 3 of our DVD titles and receive free shipping to anywhere in the world!
  • Purchase a $100 DirtWise Academy Gift Certificate (valid for 24 months) and receive a FREE DirtWise or Common Ground DVD of your choice!  We will Gift Wrap and Ship it to you!
  • Purchase any one of our dirtbabylogoorangesensational DirtBaby items (cute infant and toddler clothing), and get FREE Shipping!

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Offer Expires: December 31, 2010 (for those of you who didn't get what you wanted from Santa, you can still buy yourself something awesome here after Christmas!)
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We have been able to get permission from Fasst Co. to apply the full amount of their current $50 Xmas promo offer to the selling price listed on our website - $324.95. This means your purchase price, should you wish to get them, would now be $274.95, plus shipping. Also with this purchase, you will still receive a free DVD of your choice (value of $24.95) from our current selection of three DirtWise Instructional and one Common Ground DVDs. But wait, there's more (ha, ha!), instead of receiving a free DVD we could credit back to you the $24.95 purchase price of a previous DVD that you may have purchased directly from us in the past! So for a set of exceptional Flexx handlebars that have a MSRP of $349.95 you could purchase them for $250.00 (plus shipping), and be able to experience on all future rides the benefits of the great shock absorption they provide. This results in a smoother, less fatiguing, and far more enjoyable time when you go roosting - isn't that what we are all wanting! Your wife, girlfriend, or mom will be able to confirm for you about how much of a great shopping deal that is!!!!!!

Ho, ho, ho, Merry Christmas!

Don't forget to also utilize all of great discounts that our other DirtWise sponsors are providing our School students and DVD customers. These discounts include:
  • FREE KTMHutt T-shirt for orders over $100
  • 10% Off of IMS Fuel Tanks and more
  • 10% Off of Domino Grips at Offroad
  • 10% off your entire order at DirtTricks
  • 10% off of your Ultimate Suspension Setup from Stillwell Performance
  • $10 Off your next order at Synergy Seals
  • 30% off your next order at Decal Works
More info on the promo codes and how to use them can be found on the reverse side of the mini-poster given out at student registration at each school, and also included in each Adv #2 DVD case or with any other DVD ordered through our website.


2011 DirtWise newdwlogoSchedule

We are stoked to confirm that I'll be heading back to Australia for a very quick trip in mid to late January, from the 14th to the 24th to conduct a couple of DirtWise schools in Melbourne, and possibly near Sydney. Dates and locations will be finalized within the next week, so if you are one of our Aussie mates and are interested in attending please email us at so as you can immediately receive the relevant info when it is confirmed. It's going to be bonza!

Following the jaunt to Oz I'll be straight back into it with our DirtWise schools in the US - here is the schedule as it currently stands for February and March:

Feb 5/6 (Fri/Sat) Milledgeville, GA (our new HardCore Advanced level DirtWise school) - Open for registration

Feb 12/13 (Sat/Sun) Okeechobee, FL - Open for registration

Feb19/20 (Sat/Sun) Sicily Island, LA - Open for registration

Feb 25/26 (Fri/Sat) Milledgeville, GA - Open for registration

Feb 27 (Sun) Racing at Rd.1 National Enduro - Columbia, SC

Mar 5/6 (Sat/Sun) Mississippi/Alabama - Not open for rego yet

Mar 10/11 (Thur/Fri) RiversEdge, VA (our new HardCore Advanced level DirtWise school) - Open for registration

Mar 12/13 (Sat/Sun) RiversEdge, VA - Open for registration

Mar 17/18 (Thur/Fri) N. California  - Not open for rego yet (our new HardCore Advanced level DirtWise school)

Mar 19/20 (Sat/Sun) N. California - Not open for rego yet

Mar 24/25 (Thur/Fri) Dallas, TX - Not open for rego yet (our new HardCore Advanced level DirtWise school)

Mar 26/27 (Sat/Sun) Dallas, TX - Not open for rego yet

April 2/3 (Sat/Sun) New Jersey - Not open for rego yet

April 9/10 (Sat/Sun) Nashville, TN - Not open for rego yet

Our January Newsletter will detail the proposed dates and locations for the DirtWise schools, and our new HardCore Advanced level school, during the remainder of 2011. You can be pretty much assured, though, that there will be a DirtWise school conducted within about a 4 to 6 hour drive of where you live in the (contiguous) USA at some stage during 2011.

Please email for further information about these schools and to receive an event flyer to the specific school.  Private group bookings are welcome. Please contact us if you are interested in us conducting a DirtWise school in your region.

**A portion of each student's tuition fee is donated to the Blue Ribbon Coalition and the RiderDown Foundation.
*Wattsy World, LLC. reserves the right to make changes to the schedule above as necessary.

IHappy Holid
So here is our newest addition to the Watts clan - Brock Landon Watts, who weighted in at 6lb, 15oz (approx 3.2kg).



Well, that about brings our 2010 year to a close, except for the two Sold-out DirtWise schools that we will be conducting in mid December, near Houston, TX and Victorville, CA. We would like to thank you all for your support in the past and in allowing the DirtWise Academy of Offroad Riding Schools and Instructional DVDs to be clearly regarded as the leading source of offroad motorcycle instruction in the USA!

Happy Holidays to you and your family, and we hope to see you on the trails in 2011!

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happy holi


Shane Watts and his DirtWise Academy of Offroad Riding schools and Instructional DVDs are supported by, DirtBaby Clothing, Dirt Tricks Sprockets and rotors, Fun Mart Cycles, Stillwell Performance Suspension, GPR Stabilizers, Domino Grips from, IMS fuel tanks and footpegs, Fasst Co. Flexx Handlebars, Maxxis, DeCal Works, dB Snorkel, XtremeVu and VholdR

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