Even 105 Degrees Can't Slow Down this year's ABANA Conference!


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Please be sure to check the site daily and follow the conference remotely.

Under the direction of Claudio Bottero an eight man crew forged through three sessions to bring shape to the giant sculpture he had designed.  Moving big iron in the photo and a very short video (on the blog) give a sense of the sound, and cadance, of multiple large hammers swung by a well coordinated crew.

Lenny Lydal drew a crowd for the first iron-in-the-hat drawings, a task he will happily continue Friday and Saturday.  Lenny was recognized at the opening ceremonies Thursday evening for the many years he has coordinated these drawings and for the many thousands of dollars he has brought into the ABANA scholarship program.
POMMs - the Patient Order of Meticulous Metalsmiths - also devoted the day to their project, building a Scandanavian door.  Tina Chisena was watched closely by a group as she etched finishing details in figures which will be used on the door.   
The gallery reception and official opening began at 6.  Very large crowd.  Walking around the grounds we all see extraordinary works coming together, but to view so many beautiful, completed pieces in one space is a treat for the senses.  Spend some time in the gallery before you leave.
The team led by Lee Sauder, Shel Browder and Steve Mankowski who started building a smelting furnace yesterday created their first bloom today, pulling out the hot chunk of new iron about 3:30.  Another smelt will take place Friday and result in a forged axe.

As you can tell from this amazing array of activities, the 2012 ABANA Conference in Rapid City is a great place to be.