Preparing the Site

The 2012 ABANA Conference is well underway for the setup crew and the demonstrators are working feverishly to finalize their preparation for the big event.
Daily updates will be posted on the conference blog at http://abana2012conference.blogspot.com/
 Please check the site daily and follow the conference remotely.

It was the day before the conference started, but Nathan "I am not an artist" Robertson had a dozen blacksmiths ringing anvils in his hammer making class.  Just so nice, as you walk onto the grounds, to see forges aglow, hear hammers pounding.
Nathan is on the right in the photo above
Take some time before you leave to head over to the Apex Gallery at the school of mining.  Ellen Durkan's exhibit looks at the hard side of women's fashion with larger-than-life wire and iron sculptures of dresses and shoes that look like they could have come out of an ancient torture chamber or off the pages of a new-age comic book.  If you need another inducement the gallery is air conditioned.
Ran into Eric Green, he of the well-tended mustache, who noted that he'd been to every conference since Albany.  We figured that went back about twenty years.  Let us know what your earliest ABANA conference was by commenting on the blog site.


Hope to see you soon at the ABANA 2012 Conference 
July 18 - 21, 2012 
Central States Fairgrounds 
800 San Francisco St. 
Rapid City South Dakota 57701