Artist-Blacksmith's Association of North America
Artist-Blacksmith's Association of North America

Newsletter Editors!

The Joe Humble Newsletter Editor of the Year Award Committee has been filled and we are ready to begin taking your nominations for calendar year 2011.

The committee members are: 

Clay Spencer - 1st Award Recipient - Alabama Forge Council, AL

Ralph Neumeister - Western Reserve Branch Artist Blacksmith Association, OH
Barry Myers - Philip Simmons Blacksmith Association, SC


More details on this important award can be seen here:

Nominations must be submitted to the ABANA Central Office ( by 5PM on
May 5th 2012. All nominations need to be accompanied by a single newsletter edition that you
believe reflects the Editors best work during the 2011 calendar year. That newsletter sample must be in PDF format for it to be reveiwed. All nominations must be by a past or present Editor. Nominations made by other than a past or present Editor will not be considered.

It matters not if the edition is a monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly edition.  Please submit only one. Below are the 5 sections of the committee procedures that spell out the JH Award process.

1- All nominations need to be in the Central Office by COB May 5th 2012.

2- Central Office will verify provide a list of current Editors and verify the names of Editors that are
nominated for the 2011 year who have stepped down as needed. Committee Members will verify
that only one nomination per Editor has been submitted. Past Editors that are nominating an Editor
and are unknown to both the Committee and Central Office will be accepted on a provisional basis
until verified. If unable to verify via the ABANA Affiliate that nomination will be rejected.

3- Committee Members should have all nominations to them by May 10th 2012. Committee Members
will submit their voting ballots to the Chair by Jun 10th. This will allow the Chair to verify the votes.
Announce the voting results to the Committee Members and the ABANA President and Board. This
also allows the Chair time to evaluate and vote in the event of a "Tie" and then make the necessary

4- After notifying the ABANA Board via the President. ABANA will make the necessary arrangements
to make the official announcements and presentation of the award. The Chair will help out as much
as possible with the when and where the presentation will be awarded.

5- It is our intention this year to make this announcement and possibly the presentation to the
Awardee at the 2012 Conference in July.


You can see the nomination ballot and the specific judgment criteria here.

Vince Nakovics
J.H. Newsletter Editor of the Year Committee Chair 


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Please don't hesitate to let us know if you have any questions by sending email to