Artist-Blacksmith's Association of North America
Artist-Blacksmith's Association of North America

As our members know, blacksmithing has been the cornerstone of all crafts for centuries! In the last few decades, this ancient craft has undergone a contemporary renaissance and a new appreciation of the honest, enduring qualities of forged metal has emerged.


At the heart of this revival has been ABANA and it nearly 4,000 members.  And the future of ABANA and of blacksmithing itself lies with our youth, so your ABANA Board has recently announced a new youth membership to promote the craft to younger people.


This new membership is a limited to those that are 18 years old and younger, and is a non-voting membership.  Even so, these youth members will receive their own copy of the Hammer's Blow Magazine that we hope will inspire them to their own incredible achievements in this wonderful trade.


To take advatnage of this new membershio, please visit the Join ABANA page: 


You can also download the mail in form here:

Please consider encouraging young people you know to join using this new youth membership so we can begin to pass blacksmithing skills to the next generation of blacksmiths.  They are the future of ABANA and we want them to join us now to begin their lifelong passion for this craft we love. 

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Bill Clemens, ABANA Member Services
Artist-Blacksmith's Association of North America