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Artist-Blacksmith's Association of North America

Bill Fiorini Passed Away on 4 Jun 2011 



ABANA sadly announces the death of Bill Fiorini   


Bill Clemens
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William Richard Fiorini  

Died Saturday June 4, 2011 at age 69

Bill Fiorini 



Kirsten Skiles  posted this email to  the blacksmithing community at 6:12am on the  2nd of June 2011:


Bill was in the hospital being treated for a very serious nocardia infection

in his right lung and thyroid. He was recovering slowly, but definitely

showing progress. Very early Wednesday morning he had a massive stroke on

the right side of his brain. Even if he did survive and recover, he would

not have anything close to the life and function that he wanted.


We've decided to choose comfort care only and inpatient hospice care. Please

feel free to let his old friends know. I don't have the energy to look up

names and numbers. I would prefer not to get a lot of calls right now



Bill wanted to be cremated and was adamantly against a wake and funeral.

Finances permitting, Bill's older daughter Danielle and I would like to plan

a memorial party (or hammer in?) back in La Crosse later in the summer.


He's resting peacefully in hospice right now. I'll let you know how things





Sadly Bill passed away early Saturday Morning June 4, 2011.


Here is a link to his obiturary:




Next time you light a fire in your forge, take a moment to reflect on Bill's life, accomplishments, and contributions to the blacksmithing community and also those other smiths you know that have passed on as well.

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