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Artist-Blacksmith's Association of North America

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This is a courtesy announcement of ABANA's Partnership with IForgeIron to store ABANA Affiliate Newsletters Online in support of the Affiliate Newsletter Exchange Program.

Bill Clemens
ABANA Member Services


Subject:  IForgeIron Hosts ABANA Affiliate Newsletter Online Storage in Support of Newsletter Exchange Program. 



  Those affilate members that are currently on IForgeIron recently recieved this notice: 


April 12, 2011

Affiliate Newsletter Hosting

Digitally Distribute Your Newsletter

I Forge Iron now offers free hosting to any ABANA affiliate who is trying to organize their newsletters. The AABA kindly started off the section by uploading several back issues of The Anvil's Horn. It's been wildly successful with over 4,000 total downloads.  To continue expanding our library, we need your help.

So: What Now?

If you haven't already, go to and register.  The process is painless and straightforward.  Once you are logged in, send Andrew or Glenn a message or simply reply to this email and we'll get you setup.
I Forge Iron is currently archiving newsletters in .pdf format.  When creating pdf's, please make sure they are in the best quality possible. If you're unsure what a pdf is or does, we'll kindly walk you through it.
With your help, we can preserve as well as promote our craft.


Andrew "Foo" Conner
Founder, I Forge Iron



There are 2 places for storing your newsletters on IForgeIron.   


One place  is an  "open public access storage" I understand that many affilates don't want to post there current and recent newsletters in open online storage.  I would encourage all affiliates to  consider posting newsletters over 5 years old to this repository.    


This is found on IForgeIron in the top bar under Downloads Newsletters   


The Arizona Artist Blacksmiths Association has 9 issues of their newsletter, the Anvils Horn posted here.  


They  can be found on IForgeIron in the menu bar at the top in "downloads"  "newsletters" 



 The second place is password protected storage that is only accessible to the Affiliate Newsletter Editors and only those editors that continue to contribute their current newsletters to this area.  This will be where all current Newsletters can be posted and is intended to resurrect the Newsletter Exchange Program  that I found invaluable when I was an editor for my affiliate, BGCM.      


The Tidewater Guild has their 2008, 2009 and Dec2010 newsletters loaded here.


The New England Blacksmiths have their fall 2010 issues posted here    




I have started to post the recent (2007 forward) Blacksmith Guild of Central Maryland  Hammer and Tong issues here.


This password protected forum is at the bottom of the main IForgeIron page  all the  way at the bottom in the Blacksmith Groups Forum  



You will need a password to access this area.  Once you are signed up on IForgeIron contact me and I'll provide you the password after verifying that you are the current Affiliate Newsletter editor.  


I urge you to discuss this within your groups and hope that most if not all affiliates will support this and help to reestablish the  the newsletter exchange program.


I welcome your comments and questions. 






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Bill Clemens
ABANA Member Services