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This is a courtesy announcement  to remind affilates that you can promote your events on the ABANA Website with a Banner Ad

Bill Clemens
ABANA Member Services


Promote your event with an  

ABANA Website Banner AD  


Want ABANA to hep promote your event?  You can with a Banner Ad and a link to the details of your event.  Even if you don't have a Website, the Banner AD can be linked to a document that you provide.   Here's  what we need:


A Banner AD that is 57 pixels high by 390 pixels wide in jpeg format.


Here are several examples:


MarketPlace Banner


 Fire in the Swamp


New England School of Metalwork




Ironfest 2010


Send me your banner AD along with the link to the webpage where the details of the event are (or a pdf file if your group doesn't have a website) and I'll add them to the ABANA  Website.  If the Banner doesn't include the event date tell me when the event is over so I know when to remove the banner.  The banners are displayed randomly as you visit and navigate the ABANA website.    



Email Me your Banner and Link 


 There are other ways to promote your events too:


1.  A Constant Contact Email much like this one.  It can contain text, images, links to websites and email addresses.    

Email  Constant Contact Message Request 


2.  A listing on the ABANA Calendar.    


3.  In the Anvils Ring.  Check the:  Publication Deadlines 





Bill Clemens


ABANA Webmaster  


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If you are having an event, conference, workshop class of interest to ABANA Members contact us for information on how to get your event noticed.

Thanks and we hope to hear from you soon!.

Bill Clemens
ABANA Member Services