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Forging In and Touring the Holy Land 



This is a courtesy announcement  of an opportunity to Forge In and Tour the Holy Lands. 

Bill Clemens
ABANA Member Services


Forging In and Touring the Holy Land   

Tsur Sadan and Amit Har-Lev (who have toured and demonstrated throughout the US and were demonstrators at our recent Memphis ABANA Conference) have invited us to visit Israel where we will attend a four day smithy workshop, followed by a six day tour of the Holy land. Under consideration is the first week in October of this year.


The workshop will be held in Sharona, Israel, a village overlooking the Tabor Mountains with a stunning olive grove. Please note, both Tsur and Amit studied with and worked for Uri Hofi for many years. The tour will be guided by our own professional tour guide. The fee for the workshop and tour, ( ten days ) including hotel stays, breakfasts, pick up at airport and all tour entrance fees will be $2,600 per person. This does not include airfare. If you have an interest in this trip, need more information, please send me an e-mail:  


  Email: Len Ledet    


In the e-mail subject please put "Israel Trip" 


For those that attended the Memphis ABANA Conference,  

I was "mister" Iron_In_Hat.


The following is a brief description of the proposed tour:


First Day ............Historical Sites in The Galilee...

Second Day ..........Nazareth to Jerusalem...

Third Day............Jerusalem and Beit Lechem...

Forth Day............Jerusalem - Masada - Kibbutz ( Dead Sea/hot mineral pool & mud )

Fifth Day .......... Tsur Black Smth and Desert Experience...

Sixth Day............ The Red Sea and to Airport

Optional ..............One or two days to visit Petra  

                            ( the Nabataeans ancient capital) and Wadi Rum in Jordan


This seems like a great way to visit the Holy land, enjoying the sites and have much fun with fellow smiths. Once again please let me know if you are interested in attending this tour.


Len Ledet  


Scottsdale, Arizona

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Thanks and we hope to hear from you soon!.

Bill Clemens
ABANA Member Services