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MOJO Blacksmith School Classes

Clonakilty Ireland 




This is a courtesy announcement of MOJO Blacksmith School Classes in Clonakilty Ireland

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MOJO Blacksmith School Classes   



Enjoy a fun and educational experience at  

the idyllic Castleview Mills, Clonakilty, Co Cork, Ireland


This course is aimed at students with little or no experience of blacksmithing. The course is run over 2 days with the objective of making a traditional fire tongs and poker.



The following skills will be learned:


Using the anvil

Managing a fire

Drawing out







These skills are fundamental to basic blacksmithing whether you are interested in traditional or contemporary styles.

Courses run from 9:00am to 5:00pm on the following dates:


February  18-19 (Fri-Sat)


March  25-26 (Fri-Sat)


April  15-16 (Fri-Sat)


May 6-7 (Fri-Sat)


June 10-11 (Fri-Sat)






EMail Joe at mojo metal design 


Mojo Metal Design

Castleview Mills,


Co Cork, Ireland


mojo metal design Website

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