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New England School of Metalwork  

Summer Session Classes 



This is a courtesy announcement of the New England School of Metalwork Summer Session Classes.

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New England School of Metalwork

Summer Session Classes  

New England School of Metalwork 

Summer Session Classes 



This is a big year, our 10th year anniversary of the Summer Session of guest metalsmiths. I have worked hard to produce an exciting session of workshops and instructors. This summers highlight, and to highlight our first 10 years, falls in August, a special Master Smith Series of workshops will fill the entire month. The series in August comes with some special pricing as well on multiple class enrollment and dorming, all these details are on our website under ;August. This special series is to spawn some further challenge to those of you who have been dedicating time to the craft of blacksmithing and wanting something more professionally based.


The catalog of classes will be mailing nationwide in 2 weeks or so, giving you some heads up time to look through the website and this summers offerings. As always please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns about these wonderful workshop opportunities. Here is a quick listing on what's coming up this summer.


May 13-16 (4 days)          Forged Damascus Knives with Rob Hudson   

May 20-23 (4 days)          Beginners Blacksmithing with Andy Dohner


June 10-13 (4 days)         Laminated Tools of the Trades with James Viste

June 10-13 (4 days)         Its Better in Bronze - Casting with Jimmy Rhea

June 24-28 (5 days)         Going Dutch - Hardware with Jonathan Nedbor

June 17-21 (5 days)         Burt Foster-Bladesmithing 101


July 18-22 (5 day)            Jim Batson - ABS; Knife Handles and Guards

July 25-29 (5 days)          Sketches In Iron with Bob Compton

July 8-11 (4 days)             Lucian Avery-Introduction to Blacksmithing


                                         Master Smith Series

August 1-5 (5 days)          Part 1   Doug Wilson - Design and Deliver

August 8-12 (5 days)        Part 2   Peter Ross - Blacksmith's Helper and Scroll investigator

August 15-19 (5 days)      Part 3   Jay Close - Historical Joinery

                                                                         Exploring 18th Century Smith-craft

August 22-26 (5 days)      Part 4   Dan Nauman - Cyril Colnik Inspired Candlestick;  

                                                                          Exploring and Applying Traditional Repousse'


September 5-9 (5 days)      Mark Aspery - Fundamentals of Blacksmithing  

                                                                   Level 1: Basics

September 12-16 (5 days)  Mark Aspery - Fundamentals of Blacksmithing  

                                                                   Level 2: The Ring-thing

September 19-23 (5 days)  Darryl Nelson-Garden Gate Joinery


October 3 - 6 (4 days)        Green Foundry - Art Casting Iron Sculpture

October 13-15 (3 days)      Nick Rossi - American Style Tanto

October 17-20 (4 days)      Susan Madacsi - The Art of the Scroll, beginners



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New England School of Metalwork

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