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Artist-Blacksmith's Association of North America
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Property & Liability Insurance Program

Property & Liability Insurance Program

Coverage includes:
  • Coverage for your shop
  • Coverage for your contents, including machinery inside your shop
  • General Liability Coverage
  • Business Income at Actual Loss
  • Coverage for computers/laptops on or off premises
  • Property of others while in your possession included
  • Your business personal property is covered while away from your premises
  • Coverage for dies, patterns, jigs or molds included

Additional coverage available:
  • Business Auto
  • Worker's Compensation
  • Special Events (Demonstrators Liability)
  • Umbrella
  • Inland Marine - for broader coverage
For Information, click here or call 1-866-893-1167

Working together to make your benefit package
as a member a "Work of Art"

ABANA is proud to announce that we have
made arrangements through CNA for an
alternative shop and liability insurance plan.

Click Here to view the coverage details

Details of the plan are available by clicking on the link below or by calling 866-893-1167

For more information on how to enroll call
calling 866-893-1167

ABANA presents these member benefits as a service. As with any product you should ask questions and be clear with the Insurance provider as to what is covered and what is not.
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Rome Hutchings
Rome H. Hutchings,
ABANA Member Services