Artist-Blacksmith's Association of North America
Artist-Blacksmith's Association of North America
Northeast Blacksmiths Association Fall Conference October 1, 2 & 3, 2010
Ashokan Center, Shokan, New York


Below is a courtesy announcement for the Northeast Blacksmiths Association
Fall Conference October 1, 2 & 3, 2010 at Ashokan Center, Shokan, New York

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Rome H. Hutchings
ABANA Member Services

Featured Demonstrator: Brian Brazeal

We will begin the weekend activities on Friday at 2:30 with a guided tour of the Poughkeepsie Rail Road Bridge (when completed, January 1, 1889, it was the longest bridge in the world and considered the engineering marvel of its day - 1.25 miles long, the deck is 212 feet above the Hudson River). See the tour listing on our website for complete information. Friday evening, after dinner, our bridge guide, Charlie Hulsizer, will present a slide show on the building and history of the bridge, and if there is time, a few other related topics.

Our demonstrator for the weekend is Brian Brazeal from Mississippi. Brian began smithing as a horseshoer over 25 years ago and eventually moved into general forging. In Europe he had the opportunity to work with Professor Alfred (Freddie) Haberman and his family, who all are excellent smiths. In the US he studied and worked with Tom Clark (Ozark School of Blacksmithing), Bob Patrick (our demonstrator from last year), Bill Bostas, Darrell Nelson, Terry Carson and Tsur Sadan (from Israel, worked with Uri Hofi).

Brian is a hand forger. He has used power hammers but does not own one so he does it all with his hand hammers, though he does use a striker when available. Brian stresses clean work and hammer control and is known for his "tools to make tools", collaring, "forged to finish" hammers and forge welded bundles to make birds, etc.

Brian enjoys teaching and sharing his practical experience, so bring your notebooks. Check out his myspace page and on youtube (search: clay tong blank) for photos and videos of his work.

Saturday evening Brian will do a presentation about his work with Alfred Habermann in Ybbsitz, Austria and will include the story of the railing he built while there.

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Jonathan Nedbor, President
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Phone:(845) 687-7130

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Rome Hutchings
Rome H. Hutchings,
ABANA Member Services