Artist Blacksmith's Association of North America
Artist Blacksmith's Association of North America
Florida Artist Blacksmith Association, Inc.

Our mission is to preserve and teach the art of blacksmithing

At the Pioneer Center for the Creative Arts Barberville, Florida


This is a courtesy announcement about the Florida Artist Blacksmith Association, Inc. 2010 Conference October 8th, 9th & 10th at the Pioneer Center for the Creative Arts in Barberville, Florida
Please forward this to anyone you think might be interested.

Rome H. Hutchings,
ABANA Member Services
Florida Artist Blacksmith Association, Inc.
Our mission is to preserve and teach the art of blacksmithing
At the Pioneer Center for the Creative Arts, Barberville, Florida
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Traditional:  Clay Spencer
Clay Spencer has been blacksmithing since 1987 and has demonstrated and led workshops for many blacksmithing groups and conferences. He is a lifetime member of the Alabama Forge Council and was editor of Bituminous Bits for 10 years. He served on the board of ABANA and received their Alex Bealer Award and Life Membership. Clay also served on the Folk School's board of directors and has taught blacksmithing here since 1988. Having studied under Francis Whitaker, he is proud to carry on the teaching of traditional joinery techniques (Excerpt from John C. Campbell's website).
Bladesmithing:  Ken Durham
American Bladesmith Society (ABS) Master Bladesmith, Ken Durham, grew up on his Father's farm which also had a forge. His Father showed him how to use it, using corn cobs as fuel. He began to play in the fire. Even though he had no one to teach him, he developed a passion for smashing, twisting, and curling iron in various shapes and sizes. At age 17 and for the following ten years he worked on a pipeline and in many other areas of crafts and fabrication. He eventually built his own shop and moved in his old forge "Murdering" iron for a few years. Then his Cousin made a knife. He thought "If he could do it, so could I" What they both learned was making a quality knife is a difficult process. The knives bent, broke, wouldn't sharpen or had various other flaws. Then someone gave him an old Knives 85 book which had an article on cable Damascus by Wayne Goddard. In the book, he found bladesmith Alex Daniels address and seeing he was close by, gave him a call. Alex invited him over, answered all of his questions and explained many details and also told him about the Batson Bladesmith Symposium which he attended that year and has attended every year since. That weekend provided him with more knowledge than he had learned in many years of self-teaching. He also spent many Saturdays with Jim Batson in his shop. Through the years of learning from some of the best, he became a Master Bladesmith himself.

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BLACKSMITH DEMONSTRATIONS   There will be demonstrations all day Saturday and until noon on Sunday.  Clay Spencer will be demonstrating traditional techniques.  Ken Durham will be demonstrating bladesmithing techniques.
BLACKSMITH CLASSES   Beginning and Intermediate classes will be taught Friday afternoon through Sunday noon.  You can sign up for them on the registration page included in this brochure or at the time of the conference.  These classes are very popular and tend to fill up quickly.  NOTE:  The intermediate classes require that you have some basic skills of starting and maintaining a fire, fullering, upsetting and forming and forge welding. It is recommended to bring your own tools for the intermediate class.

FAMILY PROGRAMS   A variety of arts and crafts classes will be offered in addition to the blacksmithing classes.  You can find out about them and sign up for them on the registration page included in this brochure, or sign up for them at the conference site.  Again, these classes are popular and tend to fill up quickly.

GALLERY ART EXHIBIT   The annual FABA gallery art exhibit allows us to share our own projects with other blacksmiths.  Beginners and experts should bring their latest handiwork to show.  Greg Cumbaa will be back to oversee the exhibit room and the People's Choice balloting while open. The room will be locked when it is not attended for the security of the display items.  There will be a People's Choice award and a great door prize awarded to a lucky participant.  

GENERAL MEMBERSHIP MEETING   All members are urged to attend.  This is the one time each year that the organization gathers as a whole group.  The meeting will start at 12:30 p.m. Saturday during the lunch break.  Please attend and bring up any issues or concerns which you may have.

IRON IN THE HAT   Raffle at 1:00 p.m. Saturday.  Bring one of your extra tools, jigs, scrap iron or miscellaneous items cluttering up your shop.  One blacksmith's junk is another blacksmith's treasure.  This is one of our primary fund raising events and great fun for all.  Tickets are $1 each, 6 for $5 or a real bargain of 13 tickets for $10.

ANVIL SHOOT   This tradition lives on in Florida.  We are fortunate to have Dr. Tim Ryan back with us this year.  Tim will shoot the anvil at 1:45 p.m. Saturday.  We are excited to share this event.  This is something you do not want to miss.

TAILGATE TOOL SALES   A special area is set aside for the tool swap and tailgate sales that run throughout the conference.  This is your best chance to find or sell tools or other blacksmith related items.  There is no set up charge for conference registrants.

FABA BOARD OF DIRECTORS MEETING   Will take place at 5:30 p.m. Friday in the School House.  All members are welcome to attend.

FOOD SERVICES   All meals will be catered on site starting with breakfast on Friday through lunch on Sunday.  All meals Except Saturday Night Dinner can be ordered and paid for at the time you order it.

SATURDAY NIGHT DINNER   will be served buffet style on site at 6:00 p.m.  Tickets for the Saturday night dinner will be on sale at the Registration Desk until 3:00 PM Friday  and through your pre-registration package.  These tickets will be a wrist band good for this meal only.  Tickets are only $6 each.  You are urged to purchase your Saturday night dinner tickets at the time you register, as we will need a "head count" as soon as possible. NO TICKETS WILL BE SOLD AFTER 3:00 PM FRIDAY!

AUCTION   Dr. Tim Ryan will once again entertain us by conducting our annual auction of blacksmith wares and tools.  Please bring something to donate.  Blacksmithing tools are always very sought after, as are pieces of your own work.  Also treasured are handcrafted items, books or donated time in individual's shops.  

Proceeds from the auction pay for scholarships and blacksmith demonstrations at statewide meetings.  FABA is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit educational organization.  Donated items and purchases of auction items are tax deductible to the extent provide by law.  We provide receipts for donated items and accept MasterCard, VISA, checks, and cash for auction purchases.

Be sure to bring your eye and ear protection to wear in class and while
watching the demonstrations.  Front row seats require eye protection to be worn.  FABA will have some safety glasses for sale at the conference site. 
Beginning Blacksmithing
($10 fee paid to FABA at registration and a $5 material fee paid to the instructor)
A golden opportunity to learn blacksmith basics will be offered by excellent instructors - Mr. Keith Ivey, a professional psychiatric counselor from Quincy, Florida; and Mike Murphy, the resident Blacksmith at the Tallahassee Museum. These gentlemen are accomplished smiths who will gladly teach you the basics of fire building and shaping hot metal. No previous experience is required. This is "hands on" instruction and you keep what you make.  Children are welcome but must be accompanied by an adult.  Basic tools, equipment, and materials will be furnished but if you have your own tools and eye protection, please bring them for your use. 
Intermediate Blacksmithing
($10 fee paid to FABA at registration and a $10 material fee paid to the instructor )
These classes require that you already have some basic skills such as building and maintaining your fire, fullering, upsetting, cutting, etc. Please bring your own hand tools and eye protection if you possibly can. Jordan Thomas will be teaching Courting Candle Holders (Candle will be supplied) and requests you have forge welding experience if possible. Bring tongs for " and " round steel (1/4" more important), scrolling tongs will come in handy if you have them and a twisting wrench. A limited supply of tools will be on hand so please bring your own if you have them. Jordan's class will have an 8 student limit so sign up EARLY. Instructors for additional classes will be added so sign up to guarantee your spot.
Family Classes

WIRE and GLASS BEAD JEWELRY - Lisa Anne Conner will be teaching  this unique class of mixed media.  This is a "make it and take it" hands on class using a simple wire-wrapping technique and glass beads to create chain maille bracelets and earrings.  A $10 fee paid to FABA at time of registration plus a $5 materials fee paid to the instructor.

BROOM MAKING - Jeff and Brooke Mohr have been "tying" brooms for over 20 years - their utility and artistic brooms are superb.  This is an opportunity for you to learn this fascinating craft and you get to keep your broom. If you have a handle, bring it and learn how to finish it off w/ some broom corn. A $10 fee paid to FABA at time of registration plus a $20 materials fee to the instructors.
RAIL ROAD SPIKE KNIFE - Ron Childers will be teaching this class which will be available Friday afternoon and Saturday morning. A $10 fee paid to FABA at time of registration plus a $10 materials fee paid to the instructor.  In this class you will learn to make a knife from rail road spikes. This has been a very popular class and has sold out fast.  All materials will be furnished, but please bring your own hand tools if at all possible.
BASKET WEAVING - Dina Estenson will be teaching you how to make a basket incorporating a metal handle forged by her husband, Steve. She has been teaching basketweaving for the past 20 years in Ga. and Florida. The past years at FABA Conferences she has taught the famous Egg Basket, this year her husband came up with a Blacksmith metal handle to weave around. Come and make a basket like no other. Each handle will be hand crafted and you finish the rest.   Limit to 12 students per class. Class fee for materials is $15.00
FRIDAY AFTERNOON DEMO - Lisa Ann Conner will be doing a demonstration on Lampworking (glass-bead making over a flame). She will have information on resources and the craft for those interested in taking up the craft as well as displays. It is sure to be an interesting demonstration you won't want to miss.


FABA PRESIDENT - Jerry Wolfe, 941-355-5615,

FOOD - Mark Stone, 850-339-6010,

DEMONSTRATORS - Mark Stone, 850-339-6010,

SITE COORDINATOR - Mark Stone, 850-339-6010,

VENDORS & TAILGATE - Clyde Payton, 850-997-3627,

BLACKSMITH CLASSES -  Mark Stone, 850-339-6010,

REGISTRATION - Rev. Jim Labolito, 850-575-6925,

IRON IN THE HAT - Mark Stone, 850-339-6010,

FAMILY PROGRAMS - Mark Stone, 850-339-6010,

AUCTION DONATIONS - Mark Stone, 850-339-6010,

GALLERY EXHIBITS - Greg Cumbaa, H-352-374-7160, W-352-365-3562

TREASURER - Dot Butler, 850-539-5742,


Barberville is located in central Florida approximately forty miles east of Ocala and eleven miles north of Deland at the intersection of Hwy. 40 and Hwy. 17.  The University Inn (where FABA has reserved a block of rooms) is on the southern end of Deland one block past where Hwy. 17 becomes a two-lane road. 


University Inn   386-734-5711 or 1-800-345-8991, Deland, Florida.  This is where our demonstrators will be staying.  FABA has a few rooms reserved for the conference at a special rate per night.  Reservations must be made by September 25.

Be sure to let them know you are with FABA.

Comfort Inn Deland  1-800-424-6423    400 East International Speedway Blvd.
Holiday Inn Deland    1-800-359-2522    350 East International Speedway Blvd.

Camping:  Camping on site is available free of charge.  There are no hookups available but the restrooms will be open.  The north side of the conference site is for campers using generators, and the south side is for tents and campers with no generators. 
Our two main demonstrators will be demonstrating all day Saturday and until noon on Sunday.

Bladesmithing:   Ken Durham  & Traditional:  Clay Spencer

October 08
Friday Afternoon - 2:00 - 5:00 pm
FRKI Beginning Blacksmithing - Keith Ivey
FRINT Intermediate Blacksmithing - To be determined
FRRC Railroad Spike Knives - Ron Childers
Demo - Lampworking Glass Bead  - Lisa Anne Conner

Friday Evening 5:30 pm
Board of Directors Meeting
25th Anniversary Celebration
Story Telling - Lloyd Wheeler

October 09
Saturday Morning - 9:00 am - noon
SAMM   Beginning Blacksmithing - Mike Murphy
SAJT  Intermediate Blacksmithing - Jordan Thomas    
SALC  Bead Jewelry - Lisa Anne Conner    
FRDE Basket Making - Dina Estenson
FRBM Broom Making - Brooke & Jeff Mohr
SARC Railroad Spike Knives - Ron Childers

LUNCH - 12:00 Noon, General Membership Meeting  - 12:30 pm
Iron In the Hat Drawing - 1:00 pm, Anvil Shoot - 1:45 pm

October 09
Saturday Afternoon - 2:00 - 5:00 pm

SPBEG  Beginning Blacksmithing - To be determined    
SPINT Intermediate Blacksmithing - To be determined
SPLC  Bead Jewelry - Lisa Anne Conner  
SPBM  Broom Making - Brooke & Jeff Mohr
SPDE Basket Making - Dina Estenson

Saturday Evening
Dinner - 6:00 pm
Auction - 7:00 pm

October 10
Sunday Morning - 8:00 am
Non-denominational Chapel Service at the Church

Sunday Morning - 9:00 am - noon
SUBEG  Beginning Blacksmithing - To be determined
SUINT Intermediate Blacksmithing - To be determined

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Rome Hutchings
Rome H. Hutchings,
ABANA  Member Services