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Artist Blacksmith's Association of North America
 Alabama Forge Council, Fall Blacksmithing Conference - Tannehill State Park, McCalla, AL

This is a courtesy announcement about the 2010 Alabama Forge Council,
Fall Blacksmithing Conference at Tannehill State Park, McCalla, Alabama
Please forward this to anyone you think might be interested.

Rome H. Hutchings,
ABANA Member Services

Alabama Forge Council 2010 Blacksmithing Conference at Tannehill State Park, McCalla


September 9th, 10th & 11th, 2010





The Alabama Forge Council, 2010 Fall Blacksmithing Conference will be held at Tannehill State Park in McCalla, Alabama.

The 25th annual AFC Blacksmithing Conference, our silver anniversary,
will be held September 10th & 11th, 2010 with set-up and tail-gate sales
starting Thursday the 9th. This year we will have as featured demonstrators
John Phillips of Alabaster, AL.  And in honor of our 25 years of teaching the
art and craft of Blacksmithing we will have 6 of our own doing mini demos of
short projects that we all can do. This will be a great opportunity to learn
from many of the AFC's most talented craftsmen. Sunday morning the 12th I
am planning on having something special before we put everything up and
go home.

We have two separate family programs going on this year. Cynthia Hestle will teach a workshop in painting with acrylics. And Gerald Melsheimer will be teaching us Camp Fire Cooking; introducing you to the tools and implements used in cooking over a campfire.  As always we will have a Green Coal class for the beginners. This year will be a little different again.  Al Stephens, (one of our 2008 featured demonstrators) and Calvin Garland with support of the Athens Forge will be leading very project specific Green Coal class.  Friday will be a decorative coat rack and Saturday will be a candle holder made from a set of tongs.

Come and join in on one or all of the classes.  So there will be two different
projects to choose from.  Our Friday Night Blast contest will be the longest
draw with an added challenge. The rules are simple. We will give you a bar
of a certain length and in a pre-set amount of time make it grow in length.
I will explain the extra twist to the contest on the evening of the event.
This will be a great time for all, please consider participating. Prizes will be

As always we will be conducting our Auction, and Iron-In-The-Hat.
The proceeds are where the AFC generates its income to offer new teaching
facilities, scholarships and to host workshops each year. The conference
fees pay for putting on the conference but the auction and the Iron-In-The-Hat
are how we continue to provide the activities that further the art and craft
of blacksmithing. Remember, this is a worthy cause so purchase lots and lots
of IITH tickets and bid generously.

Your donated items for the auction and Iron-In-The-Hat are very much
appreciated. I would like to personally challenge each Forge group for the
state and surrounding areas to make something special for the auction. This
is a good opportunity for your Group to show off a little. Also I would love
to see everyone that attends the Conference bring at least one item for the
IITH. Remember we help ourselves when we support the AFC!

If by chance you can not make it to the Fall Conference, send your

Auction or IITH item to me, Raymond Head, 138 Cone Lane, Wetumpka, AL 36093-2001. I will make sure that they make it to the Conference.

I look forward to seeing everyone in September.

Raymond Head, President

Alabama Forge Council

138 Cone Lane
Wetumpka, AL  36093
(334) 514-1065

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Rome Hutchings
Rome H. Hutchings,
ABANA  Member Services