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This is a courtesy announcement for a unique opportunity to host a traveling Journeyman from Aachen, Germany.  If you are a working shop in need of an extra hand for a few days or a few weeks with an interest in being a North American host, please read the message from Maik Salzmann below.

Please forward this announcement on to anyone that you think might be interested.


Rome H. Hutchings
ABANA Member Services
Request from travelling blacksmith Maik Salzmann

I am a journeyman blacksmith from Aachen, Germany. I prepare to hit the road in the following months and am therefore looking for skilled craftspeople, designers or artist over the world to apply for a temporary job.

My main interest is in blacksmiths work both classical and modern and toolmaking. Besides that I am looking for other challenges that meet my desire for knowledge in various crafts, be it helping out in projects with several crafts involved, teaching, rare techniques, working with precious metals, casting, woodworking or ceramics. I want
to broaden my horizon in the many facets a unique journey like this can have in store, want to face different approaches, learn, discover, meet, try and experience.

In the last year of my employment I did mostly uninspired constructive work for home and garden welded from tubes. That is what I prefer not to do during my future jobs unless inevitable to fund my travel.  However I am experienced with the welding procedures TIG, MIG and electrode in steel, stainless, brass, copper and bronze.

I used my spare time during my apprenticeship to learn the heat treatment of various
tool steels, fire welding, damascus steel in layer, torsion and mosaic, making iron in
the bloomery furnace, production of crucible steel (wootz), mokume gane, etching,
patinating, chasing copper and forging aluminium.  I have experience in teaching students the basics of toolmaking. As a hobby I enjoy throwing pottery.

Please visit my photo album at to see examples of my work.

As ABANA board member I hope you can help with names of craftspeople that might meet my interests and in return can make use of my assistance and expertise. The nature of my travel makes it impossible to tell excactly when I will be in your part of the world, but I am confident I will manage to be there just the right time.

Many thanks and kind regards
Maik Salzmann

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Thanks and we hope to hear from you soon!.

Rome Hutchings
Rome H. Hutchings,
ABANA Member Services