Artist Blacksmith's Association of North America
Virginia Institute of Blacksmithing Master Class
with Frederick Crist - The Yellin Challenge
September 20th to the 24th with a
Special Presentation by Clare Yellin


Below is a courtesy announcement for a unique opportunity to attend the first
Master Class series at the Virginia Institute of Blacksmithing in Waynesboro, VA

Please forward this announcement on to anyone that you think might be interested.


Rome H. Hutchings
ABANA Member Services
The Yellin Challenge - Master Class Series

This is our first Master Series offering with a class guest taught by Frederick Crist. This is our Yellin challenge, a grille designed by Frederick based on a "sketch in iron" by Samuel Yellin. The project will be a grille with each panel forged from a single piece of material. Students will make two of each element, one to keep and the other to be added to the grille work. Clare Yellin will be joining us for one of the class days to present a slide show of Yellin work and history. If you want a challenge and the opportunity to work with one of our nation's best blacksmiths, don't miss this class.

Master Blacksmith Fredric Crist
Fred Crist
Frederick Crist has been a blacksmith since 1977.  Crist's remarkably original
work has been featured on the cover
of the Anvil's Ring.  Frederick Crist
was introduced to forging as a direct manipulation of metal under Jack Andrews at the Philadelphia College
of Art.

Frederick continued his studies under Jack Andrews and later became
the head blacksmith at Samuel Yellin Metalworks in Philadelphia until 1988

"The idea of the convergence of fire, metal and the human form, and life which happens in between is the basis for the sculpture I create. In a lifetime we have many periods of change and growth, the same goes with art. For an artist, these changes manifest themselves in the form of a series of works; each series explores a different nature of development. The Pillar series explores the relationship between the human figure and the abstract image. The pieces sometime simple or at other times complex create a chaotic dance of life and gesture translated into iron. In essence they are forged abstractions of controlled chaos."
Quote - Frederick Crist - FORGING AHEAD: Contemporary American Blacksmiths at the Kentucky Museum of Art

Instructor: Frederick Crist - Yellin Challenge - September 20th to the 24th with a Special Presentation by Clare Yellin

Cost: $650

Contact Virginia Institute of Blacksmithing directly for
registration information.  You may also contact Dale Morse
for further information at

Mailing Address:
178 East Side Highway
Waynesboro, VA 22980

200 West Twelfth St.
Waynesboro, VA 22980
Phone: 434-960-9718

Check the website for other classes scheduled at Virginia Institute of Blacksmithing at

Chandelier by Fredric Crist
Chandelier by Fredric Crist
About the Institute

The Institute was founded with the idea in mind of offering short term, affordable classes to people who are interested in an introduction to the craft without having to invest in the tools an space necessary to pursue their interest.

There are other schools available, but many require short term residency on campus and time away from lives and jobs during the week. VIB offers weekend workshops to any who wish to travel to Waynesboro in the short term and week night classes to local patrons or those within an hour drive.

In addition, VIB allows any student that has taken the beginners class or can demonstrate a working knowledge of the tools and techniques of blacksmithing to come in on Tuesday evenings between the hours of 3pm to 6pm to work independently on projects of their choosing. Call by Noon on the Monday beforehand to reserve your forge.

VIB has a capacity of eight students at any given time and has an assortment of modern and antique equipment offering a wide array of opportunity to students wishing to undertake the study of metalwork. In addition to the regular instructors, VIB will have visiting instructors on a semi regular basis that offer specialized courses. Check the class schedule to find out what the upcoming special classes will be.

Also, classes are now available through the Piedmont Virginia Community College. A current catalog and registration are available at

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