Artist Blacksmith's Association of North America
Artist Blacksmith's Association of North America
Call for Proposals - Hammer's Blow Editor

Greetings from ABANA!

We are seeking a new editor to take over from Brian Gilbert. This is an important position for ABANA because the Hammer's Blow editor is charged with fulfilling a major part of our educational mission toward beginning and intermediate blacksmiths in our most interactive and educationally based publication.

The editor will be responsible for the complete production of The Hammer's Blow, from corresponding with contributors to providing "camera-ready" computer files to the printer and everything in between.

If you have a passion for Blacksmithing, some writing and computer skills and want to inspire and educate others in the craft of Blacksmithing this message might be for you.

Scope of Services to be considered in Proposals for Hammer's Blow Editor Position

The scope of services in the proposals shall include editing of four (4) quarterly issues of The Hammer's Blow, published according to the schedule to be provided by ABANA. In your proposal tell us how, in the capacity as editor of The Hammer's Blow you would provide ABANA members and those interested in blacksmithing with an enlightening and informative experience.

In the proposal the prospective Editor should provide the following:
  • Resume, include past experience, educational background and 4 references
  • Portfolio of past work, include articles, Newsletter samples and photographs
  • Experience in Blacksmithing, including as an instructor and as an author
  • Provide the submitted proposal materials on a CD or Memory Stick
  • Provide a self addressed & stamped if you wish to have your materials returned
Skills: Organized, ability to recruit and motivate authors through positive correspondence, excellent communication and writing skills, strong background in the craft of blacksmithing and the blacksmith's art. (While not a requirement for the job, good knowledge in the field would be a huge plus!) Developed sense of graphics design; technical illustration, photography and photo post-processing skills. Computer literate, internet/email literate, comfortable using MS Word and Adobe's print related tool-chain. It would be helpful if the candidate has previous experience in editing and understands the importance of timelines.

All interested persons shall submit their proposals to the Publications Committee:

Committee Chair: Peyton Anderson, 6720 Military Rd., Amelia VA 23002
Phone: 434-390-6203; e-mail:

The prospective Editor would perform these services in compliance with the goals and objectives of the ABANA board of directors, as directed through the Publications Committee and the guidelines published in ABANA's Procedures Manual.

The prospective Editor would be responsible for: Corresponding with authors and the ABANA Publications Chair, soliciting, tracking and managing submissions, critical thinking, evaluating manuscripts and assisting authors in providing satisfactory text and illustrations, scanning photographs and/or illustrations when needed, copy editing, layout and organizing the final publication, and providing electronic files to the printer.

Oversight of the printing and mailing of the newsletter shall be provided by the publisher of the Hammer's Blow and the Anvil's Ring.  Production of The Hammer's Blow will be performed in accordance with set deadlines coordinated such that The Anvil's Ring and The Hammer's Blow will be published as nearly as practical at periods specified by the ABANA Board of Directors.

The Hammer's Blow consists of twenty (20) typeset pages, 8 1/2 by 11 inches. The file shall be developed per print house specifications. The Hammer's Blow is printed front and back center folded and three-hole punched by the printing house. The expenses incurred for printing shall be the responsibility of ABANA


Materials submission deadline January 15
Reserve ad space January 31
Ads rec'd/Publisher's ad template to editor February 6
1st proof to publisher/proofreader February 13
2nd proof to publisher/proofreader February 20
PDF copy available on FTP site February 24
CD & final laser mailed to Sundance Press February 27
Blue line from printer March 6
In the mail March 15
In the hands of the members March 20

Materials submission deadline April 15
Reserve ad space April 28
Ads rec'd/Publisher's ad template to editor May 4
1st proof to publisher/proofreader May 11
2nd proof to publisher/proofreader May 18
PDF copy available on FTP site May 22
CD & final laser mailed to Sundance, Press May 27
Blue line from printer June 1
In the mail June 15
In the hands of the members June 20

Materials submission deadline July 10
Reserve ad space July 25
Ads rec'd/Publisher's ad template to editor August 4
1st proof to publisher/proofreader August 10
2nd proof to publisher/proofreader August 18
PDF copy available on FTP site August 24
CD & final laser mailed to Sundance Press August 28
Blue line from printer August 21
In the mail September 15
In the hands of the members September 20

Materials submission deadline October 15
Reserve ad space November 3
Ads rec'd/Publisher's ad template to editor November 10
Ist proof to publisher/proofreader November 23
2nd proof to publisher/proofreader November 26
PDF copy available on FTP site November 30
CD & final laser mailed to Sundance December 3
Blue line from printer December 8
In the mail December 15
In the hands of the members December 20

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Rome Hutchings
Rome H. Hutchings, Member Services