Artist Blacksmith's Association of North America
Artist Blacksmith's Association of North America
Sharon Blondet Basic/Intermediate Workshop
6 Saturdays, from March 27th to May 1st

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Rome H. Hutchings, ABANA President
Chairman, ABANA Member Services



Make several small projects, such as tiles, a letter opener, a piece of jewelry, experimental stuff and a small project to fulfill your particular interest.

6 Saturdays, March 27th to May 1st, 9:30 AM to 12:00 M

We'll meet at a professional blacksmith shop located at

617 SW 2nd Ave., Fort Lauderdale, Florida  33301

Space limited to 12 participants.  $150 Fee

If interested and for information call or email Sharon Blondet
Phone: (954) 309-5040

Sharon Blondet has designed for the last 30 years, custom art-to-wear, jewelry, graphic design and architectural blacksmithing (forged metal work) for high-end homes in South Florida.

Forged HibiscusTable Piece
Forged Silver Jewelry
Table Art
Forged and Raised Wall SconceLamp Piece

To see more of her work check this link:

Class Description:

6 - Saturdays:  March 27th to May 1st:  9:30 AM to 12 PM     $150.00 Class Fee

This metalwork class welcomes beginners as well as participants with some experience with metals or any other art expression.  No need to be a member of any organization.

The space that we will use is a working blacksmith shop.  We will have access to professional tools and equipment.  Safety and care using the facility, tools and equipment will be enforced at all times.

All the material needed for the projects planned in the class are included in the class fee.  Participants may bring anything they think can be incorporated in projects such as wire (bronze, copper, etc), found objects, beads, etc.  Other material a participant may want to use needs to be purchased by the participant.

Each class will include short lectures as well as demonstrations of the basic techniques to be explored.  With the use of visuals and actual samples we'll show many other possibilities of the techniques.  Then each participant will go about producing their particular piece.  Individual attention, answering questions and problem solving will be provided as time allows.
Projects will be kept small to assure completion by the end of the class.  We'll end the class with a show-and-tell.

For those with no experience "designing" we will be addressing the basics of how to approach a design problem as part of the first class.  You will learn to do thumbnails, choosing, sketching, specifying and producing the first prototype project.

You will explore working with both aluminum and steel. You will be cutting, hammering, and texturing metal while making several surface design prototypes.

You will learn the basics of forging: tapering, twisting and scrolling, while making a letter opener and/or a piece of jewelry.

You will "form" metal by hammering flat metal into a 2 or 3-dimensional  piece.  Maybe a flower, or a fish....

You will include joinery techniques such as using rivets, links, "sewing" and "textile" techniques in metal.  Welding will be discouraged.

You will learn several finishing techniques for the projects, from wax to "faux" finishes.

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Rome Hutchings
Rome H. Hutchings, Member Services Chair