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Artist Blacksmith's Association of North America
ABANA Publications - Call for Articles
The Hammer's Blow wants Your Articles!!
 Get Your "How To" Articles Published!!


Do you have an idea for an article?  Are you interested in or know of someone that
may be interested in writing articles for the Hammer's Blow?  Then the ABANA
Publications Committee wants to hear from you!!  Our publications are the definitive
journals of the craft and in order to make continuous improvements the ABANA
Publications Committee is soliciting the membership for articles.

This is your chance to standout in the crowd and get published!  Even if you are not
interested in writing an article yourself, you can get together with fellow smiths and
work on an article as a group.

If you belong to one or more ABANA Affiliate groups and see great "How To" and Shop Tip articles published in the Affiliate Newsletters - Be our scouts and tell us
about the articles in your group's newsletter that you think deserves widespread distribution and fame!
How to Submit an Article for Publication in the Hammer's Blow

Here is what you need to know.  First of all, make contact with the Publications
Committee by using the email address provided below and let them know you are

Publications Committee Email:

Next select a topic, a recent personal project, a recent workshop tip you learned, a
"How To" or anything that you feel would make a great article for the Hammer's Blow.

This is your opportunity to "Get Published"!!

If your interest is in "How To Articles" for the Hammer's Blow, and you have found
a "new" useful tip, tool you made and want to share how it's made, a new idea on an
old technique, step by step process for forging something that is not easily understood
or any other ideas you may have on something you think "should be published" in the
Hammer's Blow.......then this is your opportunity to "Get Published"!!

Whatever your interest is in an article for the Hammer's Blow, contact the Publications
Committee by using the email address provided.  -  Email:

You can find all the information you will need to get published at these links:

Publication Deadline Schedule for 2010


WINTER ISSUE: Copy deadline January 31st, Publication date March 15th
SPRING ISSUE: Copy deadline April 28th, Publication date June 15th
SUMMER ISSUE: Copy deadline July 30th, Publication date September 15th 
FALL ISSUE: Copy deadline November 3rd, Publication date December 15th

Who to Contact for Submitting an Article for
In the Hammer's Blow

Publications Committee Email:

What's next?  I submitted an Article for the Hammer's Blow in the
past, what makes this any different? What happened to my Article,
it didn't get Published in the Hammer's Blow and some simple answers
to questions about this call for Hammer's Blow articles.

Your ABANA Board of Directors is always looking for good articles to submit for
publication.  The call for Hammer's Blow articles is an on going process.  If you
submitted an article for the Hammer's Blow in the past, "Thanks", here is what makes
this "Call for Articles" different.  Your ABANA Board of Directors is asking for articles
to be submitted directly to the Publications Committee.

The usual route for submitting an article is to the editor of the Hammer's Blow.  If you
submitted an article in the past that didn't get published, pull it out of the dusty corner,
polish it up and try it again by contacting the Publications Committee.  The article that
was submitted and didn't get published may have needed a little help and the ABANA
Board of Directors is ready willing and able to assist in developing, polishing and
generally working with you to help make your article worthy of publication.

The bottom line, it's a win - win situation, the members get to see your article, your
publication improves, the Hammer's Blow editor has good content, you get published,
the Board plays an active roll in article review....................after all it's your publication
and you can make a difference!!

Oh I can hear those keyboards tapping and those shutters clicking!!  Come on
members............"Get Published" and Share your Knowledge!!
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If you are having an event of interest to ABANA Members contact us for information on how to
get your event noticed.

Thanks and we hope to hear from you soon!.

Rome Hutchings
Rome H. Hutchings, Member Services