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Artist Blacksmith's Association of North America
Tunnel Mill Crafts 2010 Calendar

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Upcoming Classes at Tunnel Mill Crafts


Tom Latane'-April 30. May 1, 2, 2010
Gothic Style Candle Holder

Class will cover forge-welding a low tripod with decorative feet.  On the tripod will be fastened a pierced triangular sheet steel pan.  Students will forge a round or hexagonal central stem with filed bands.  This decorative column will support a single candle surrounded by a pierced gallery.

Kirsten Skiles-May 21, 21, & 23, 2010
Chasing & Repousse'

This class will be exploring chasing & repousse' in copper, brass,

Steel or silver.  We will work on a leaf form or something of your choosing and turn it into a pendant.  Students may choose their own design.  Students will work with a jewelers saw  to cut metal, and there will also be some soldering of metal.  There will be lab fees to cover the cost of the silver, findings, solder and flux (approximately $20.00).  We will have torches to share and different handheld portable torch options.  The class will include the making of tools.  Students will need pitch bowls with small quantities of pitch.  If any one needs pitch, let us know and that could be arranged.

Peter Ross-June 21, 22, & 23, 2010
Making 18th Century-Style Dividers
Colonial Williamsburg Blacksmith

The class will work on making 18th century style dividers with a wing and thumbscrew.  Students can choose from a few traditional styles, and may opt for rough forged or bright files surfaces.  Generally these tools have a three leaf hinge, but students may wish to try the more complex 5 leaf hinge instead.

Peter Ross-June 24, 25, & 26, 2010
Pre-Industrial Scrolls: Putting the Dividers to Work
Colonial Williamsburg Blacksmith

This session will concentrate on the style of scrollwork found in 18th century English architectural work.  The class will identify the characteristic features of this style through making a simple wall bracket which incorporates several of the common approaches.  Forge welded junctions, riveted assemblies, asymmetric scrolls, etc.

In addition, the class will introduce a method of forging and assembly based on using the dividers to lay out accurate spacing.  This method is a stark contrast to modern shop methods adopted by most smiths today, and a glimpse into the world before machine tools.

A simple version may be done with no forge welding required but welding experience will enable the student to attempt more elaborate versions of the project.

Note:  These two sessions are independent of each other.  You do not need to take one to take the other.

Bill Fiorini-August 20, 21, & 22nd, 2010
Damascus Steel (pattern welded steel)

This workshop will focus on the production of Damascus steel.  The class will process Random and Turkish Damascus Steel for a variety of uses including tools, knives, jewelry or any other artistic direction related to decorative pattern embellishment.  Damascus discussion on the diffusion (welding) process, flux application and forge types used in processing Damascus will be explained.  Students learn the basics of forging and the processing of a variety of steels for the manufacture of Damascus.  After learning the basics of damascus, discussion will continue in relationship to advanced Damascus pattern development, such as Mosaic and Mosaic Composite patterns. Other areas related to

Damascus Steel will also be discussed such as Japanese Sword forging and Mokume-Gane processing.

For more information on any of the classes contact us at:

John or Carol Adams
Tunnel Mill Crafts
Phone: (507) 289-4189 .
We are located in southern Minnesota.  Tunnel Mill was an old  water powered mill. Built in 1869.  Retired in the last 1920's..

Located on the Bear River north of Spring Valley, Minnesota on a wooded 50 acres with a stream that running through it.  Please check our website for pictures

Now, a place for crafts people and friends to congregate, relax and learn some of our forgotten crafts.

Watch for more classes!!

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