Artist Blacksmith's Association of North America
Artist Blacksmith's Association of North America
ABANA Annual  Gifting
IRS Deductible for 2009 Charitable Giving
Have you considered making a year end charitable contribution for IRS tax purposes?

If so, please consider making ABANA part of your annual gifting portfolio!  This is a great way to receive an IRS deduction for charitable gifting and help ABANA to
continue our mission to increase public awareness and knowledge of our craft and
provide opportunities for education. If you believe as I do that ABANA is a worthwhile
organization, I hope that you will consider a charitable gift to ABANA now.

Please consider the value of our role in promoting the craft, being able to support
scholarships, provide a network between the family of Affiliate organizations and
last but not least, sponsor ABANA Conferences.

Please contact Central Office today and Diane, Victoria or Teresa will be glad to
assist you and send out your IRS Deduction letter.

Office Hours: 8:30 a.m.- 4:30 p.m. Monday-Friday, EST

ABANA Central Office
Phone:  703.680-1632
Fax:  703.680-6222

If you have not visited the ABANA Website lately, be sure to checkout some
of the latest news on the home page.  You might want to check out the latest
Constant Contact News in the ABANA Archives, Click Here to View

Please consider adding ABANA to your annual gifting portfolio!

You can make a charitable donation and receive the IRS deduction letter
in time to prepare you 2009 taxes.
Here are the 5 specific funds you can choose from:
ABANA General Fund: This is the all-purpose operating account of ABANA. In addition
to the Central Office and the Publications, this fund takes care of enhancing the web site, creating the Bealer award, paying for postage and all the little things it takes to keep the organization
2010 Conference Seed Money: This fund is earmarked to help set up the 2010 ABANA Conference in Memphis. Conferences are expensive complicated things to run and it really helps
a lot to have some cash on hand early for deposits and planning and a thousand other things.

ABANA Scholarships and Grants: For many years ABANA has given scholarships to promising blacksmiths to help them take courses or gain key experiences. Also ABANA helps Affiliates to fund demonstrators at their meetings. This fund contributes to these and related causes.

ABANA Exhibition Fund: One of ABANA's missions is to increase the awareness of the
craft of blacksmithing among the general public. This fund helps to produce and deploy public exhibitions.

National Ornamental Metal Museum Library Fund: The Library at the Metal Museum in Memphis is a unique resource to those who study the art and craft of blacksmiths and related metal artisans.  The ABANA archives are housed within this library, this fund helps with the expenses of that worthy cause.
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On behalf of ABANA, we thank you for your
continued support of ABANA's mission to
further educational opportunities for blacksmiths
and share this information with all who are interested

Rome Hutchings
Rome H. Hutchings, Member Services Chair