Artist Blacksmith's Association of North America
Artist Blacksmith's Association of North America
Blacksmith Association of Missouri hosts
Frank Turley Workshop November
21 and 22
at Mueller Industries in Sunset Hills, Missouri


Below is an announcement for a Frank Turley Workshop hosted by BAM

You may be interested in this workshop and event, or know of someone that may be
interested, feel free to pass this announcement on to them.
November 21-22  Doug Hendrickson Memorial Demo at
Mueller Industries, 12951 Maurer Industrial Drive, Sunset Hills, Missouri 63127

Frank Turley will work on forging a top tool w/eye; a Mexican Gothic ornament
"Claraboya"; forge welded rose leaves; other forge welds (not pattern welding);
Fritz Kuhn style hinge; and time permitting, scroll centers. We will also talk about
and perhaps DO stretches and loosening excercises related to chi gung and tai chi.

The demos are open to Blacksmiths Association of Missouri members. Non members
are respecfully  asked for donations. Saturday 9AM to 4AM with a lunch break.
Sunday 9AM to 12PM. 1PM to 3PM will be open ended; question & answer;


Walt Hull:
or Kate  Dinneen:
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