Artist Blacksmith's Association of North America
Artist Blacksmith's Association of North America
Member Insurance Program Notice!
Open Enrollment October 1st - October 31st
Now is the time to make any changes to your
current benefit package and/or enroll in any
benefits available to you as a member of ABANA.

Dear:   Membership I.D. number:
Insurance for BlacksmithsThe annual Open Enrollment for member
insurance program is now open! 
We want to
make sure that you understand the program
coverages you automatically qualify for, you
can sign up for one product or as many as fit
you needs.

As an ABANA member you can sign up for
any of the types of insurance, Dental, Vision
for example.  You are not obligated to sign
up for the Select Medical Benefit Plan.  You
get the choice of coverages to sign up for.

October 31st 2009 is the open enrollment
closing date for your Open Enrollment.
So why not call today and select only the
coverage products you need.

Remember the next opening for plan enrollment will be fall of 2010.
Checked out the the affordable Vision and Dental plan!  Call the plan administrator
for more information at the number below.  There is no obligation and as an ABANA
member, you automatically qualify for coverage!  You can check out the services
of Ameritas Group, the provider of Dental and Vision coverages at the link below:
Ameritas Group Website

The provider network for Select Medical Benefit Plan is MultiPlan and you can locate providers in the network through the following link at the MultiPlan Website

As an ABANA member, you have already received the outline of these benefits via USPS mail and email.  For your convenience, all enrollments will be done over the phone. In your letter, you will find a toll free number to call for further information. All enrollments will be completed with a "voice stamp" authorization.  That means no filling out application forms and no waiting for acceptance.

New ABANA members may apply for the coverage in the first 60 days following
the initial membership  in ABANA.
ABANA is pleased to announce that we have made arrangements
for our members to participate in a healthcare insurance program being offered by Transamerica Life Insurance Company
and Ameritas Group for the Insurance Plans Described Below
Providing Select Medical Benefit Plan for ALL of Our Members
Guaranteed Acceptance

Call (866) 893-1167
*Open Enrollment
October 1st to October 31st, 2009
*After October 31st, 2009 existing members will not be allowed to participate
until our next open enrollment one year from now.
TransChoice® Plus a Group Limited Benefit Medical and Hospital Insurance Indemnity Policy has benefits as adjustable as your members are diverse. Click Here for More Information
TransChoice Plus features include:
  • Guaranteed Acceptance
  • No Pre-Existing Condition Exclusions
  • Wellness Benefits
  • Prescription Drug Indemnity Benefit
  • ER Sickness Benefit
 From life insurance to health insurance and everything in between,
we offer voluntary insurance products that provide powerful choices
for your associations benefit offering.
Weekly Rates Beginning at Only $20.43, Enroll Today
TransChoice Plus is underwritten by Transamerica Life Insurance, Home Office, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Policy Form Series CPCH00200-CCCH00200, Administration for TransChoice Plus is provided by Key Benefit  Administrators, Inc. (KBA), Fort Mills, SC WMD HOPJABANA 0908
TransChoice® Plus Plans for ABANA Include These Coverages:

  • Doctors Office Visits
  • True Prescription Drug Card (Offered by Catalyst)
  • Daily In-Hospital Benefit
  • Surgery
  • X Ray and Labs
  • Short Term Disability Income Insurance
  • Group Term Life Insurance
 No Pre-Existing Condition Exclusions
For More Information Click Here
Affordable Dental & Vision Coverage Offered
through Ameritas Group  To check out their services
click on this link: Ameritas Group

 Amertas Insurance
Ameritas Group - Dental Program Coverage
  • Preventative Care - 100% (No Waiting Period)
  • Restorative           - 80%  (No Waiting Period)
  • Major Dental Procedure - 50% (12 Month Waiting Period or No Waiting Period with Prior Coverage)
Weekly Rates Starting At $5.52
For More Information Click Here

Ameritas Group - Vision (VSP) Program Coverage
  • Eye Examination - 100%
  • Lenses - 100% (With Network Provider)
  • Frames - Up to $120
  • Contact Lenses - Up to $105
 Weekly Rates Starting At $2.80
For More Information Click Here
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On behalf of ABANA's Board of Directors,
we thank you for your continued support
and  hope that you find this insurance coverage
an added benefit for you and your family!
We look forward to hearing from you about
other products or services that you would find
Linda Tanner
Linda Tanner, Business Division Chair