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Old World Anvils

Announcing 2 new vendors to the ABANA Members Only Discount Program!
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Old World Anvils, Quality New Anvils, Fly Presses, and Tools at Affordable Prices.
Contact Information:
N8126 Postville Rd
Blanchardville, WI 53516
Fax Number: (608) 527-6908

Toll Free Order Line: 888 737-5714

Please Visit our website.....Old World Anvils

The KA75 Power Hammer Affordable, Compact
and Reliable
, Affordable - $4000.  Compact-16 inch by 16 inch footprint, Reliable - Only 2 moving parts

Contact Information:
Postville Blacksmith
N8126 Postville Road
Blanchardville, WI 53516
Phone: (608) 527-2494
Fax: (608) 527-6908

Please Visit our website.....KA75 Power Hammer

The KA75 Story:

Grant Sarver of Tacoma WA invented the KA75 Striking hammer in 1995. Production was moved to Wisconsin in 1998 to be more centrally located in the U.S. for low cost shipping. An invention that began as a sketch on a napkin has continued to be bought by hobby and professional smiths & blacksmiths in the US and Europe. The KA is a tireless helper. The rugged construction and low-tech simplicity of the machine have created a loyal following of owners.

The unconventional design of the KA75 has surprised many first time observers. It is compact and has only one foot-lever to operate it. There is nothing to adjust, yet the machine can hit a soft or hard blow, hit once or repetitively. The air cylinders serve as structure and motion in the design. The rods point downward which keeps dirt and scale away from the seals. Most parts are off-the-shelf components for easy replacement.
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Rome Hutchings
Rome H. Hutchings, Member Services Chair