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Anyang 33Announcing a new vendor to the ABANA
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Anyang USA, The Exclusive Distributor for
Anyang Power Hammers
Anyang... Reliable, Controlable, Powerful,
Please Visit our website.....Anyang USA

Contact Information:
James R. Johnson,
 2956 CR 1370
Alvord, Texas 76225
(940) 627.4529

Owners Statement:
As a blacksmith for over ten years, I started working for other companies forging gates, hand rails, and furniture. After a few years of architectural and traditional blacksmithing, I decided to turn my attention to comtemporary forging and sculpture, designing my own ideas for art collectors and galleries.

Four years ago, I started using Anyang power hammers. Anyang is the only company that makes a power hammer like the 33. It is powerful enough to work 1 1/4 inch square bar, but can also deliver delicate soft blows, which is perfect for copper work. Another advantage with Anyang was the affordability of the hammer and dies. As a starving artist, it was tough choosing a power hammer, but once I used the 33 Anyang, and saw the controllability and the fact that the dies were half the price of the other hammer companies, my decision was simple.... Anyang.

Buying a power hammer is a big investment. It can be an intimidating process with all the different sizes and types of power hammers out there. As a blacksmith, I recommend that you see and use the hammer before purchasing. Currently, I have four Anyang power hammers in my shop that I use on a daily basis for my art work. I have set up two 33's, an 88 and a 165 pound hammer. Whether you are looking to buy a power hammer or just curious about air hammers, you are invited to visit my shop and use my personal hammers. If you decide to visit my shop, you won't be overwhelmed with a pushy salesman... I am a blacksmith that loves to forge metal and talk about forging. My shop is open seven days a week, please give me a call.
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