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ABANA Members Grainger Program

Our partnering with Grainger automatically gives us discounts of a minimum of 10% to as high as 50% on some items!  

All you need to do to qualify is present your ABANA membership number prior to making your purchase and use ABANA's Grainger Account number. See "Terms and Conditions" below for details.

(If you need your membership number see the membership section of the web site or consult the ABANA central office. Your membership must be current to qualify)

Please take the time to read the participating Merchant Terms and Conditions.

Thanks to all of our supporting Vendors for making this program available!

Super 10 Primary Pricing
At least 10% off list on everything Grainger sells.
Motor Discount Program
28% off the Grainger Catalog "each" price on specific electric motor and power transmission products.
Power Tools
DeWalt at 48% Off Current Manufacturer List
Milwaukee at 46% Off Current Manufacturer List
Power Tool Accessories
DeWalt at 38% Off Current Manufacturer List
Milwaukee at 35% Off Current Manufacturer List
Hand Tools
Stanley at 52% Off Current Manufacturer List
Proto at 55% Off Current Manufacturer List
Blackhawk at 45% Off Current Manufacturer List
Motors and Power Transmission:
28% off Grainger each price
10% off Grainger each price
Test Instruments / Outdoor Equipment:
10% off Grainger each price
Metalworking and shop supplies:
10% off Grainger each price
Cleaning, painting equipment & supplies:
10 - 20% off Grainger each price
Material Handling:
10% off Grainger each price
Safety and Security:
10% off Grainger each price
Fluid Power:
10% off Grainger each price
Pumps and Plumbing:
10% off Grainger each price
10 - 50% off Grainger each price
Market Basket - Qualified Members are eligible for market basket pricing of high use items. 
Lighting - 979 items
Miscellaneous - 181 items
Grainger will offer "Pre-paid" standard freight on all orders placed
Contract includes Grainger Parts and Sourcing/FindMRO
Contract allows for customer CSP on high usage items
To ABANA Members,
I would like to take this time to thank ABANA for partnering with Grainger through the NJPA (National Joint Powers Alliance) program. As you are aware, the vision for NJPA was to create an alliance between buyers and suppliers.

As I recap what has already taken place within ABANA and with Grainger to help us arrive at this new adventure, I would like also to give a special thanks to Linda Tanner and Wayne Coe for their help, time and input in starting the ball rolling.

John Cosenza
Account Relationship Manager
W.W.Grainger, Inc.
800-237-3174 #384
866-377-5645 (Fax)

Terms and Conditions

A.)  ABANA has been given a Grainger Account number that you can get from the ABANA Central Office staff or by contacting Grainger directly.  You will need to have your membership number to get the number. 

 ABANA's  Contact person:       Diane Walden
 ABANA's   Phone #:                   (703) 680-1632
 ABANA's   Fax #:                        (703) 680-6222

B.)  Guidelines and/or Procedures for Ordering will be as the following:

      1. ABANA members agree to pay for merchandise, at the time of purchase, by using  Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Debit card, Cash, Check or Money order.

    2. At the time of any Orders, ABANA members will need to provide Grainger with their 7 digit Membership #.  Your ABANA Membership ID # will be used as the PO# to identify actual  members. 

    3. Orders can be placed either by:

    a). Going Online:
    b). At any local Grainger Branch
    c). By calling your Grainger Account

Relationship Manager:

John Cosenza
Phone # (800) 237-3174 X384
Fax # (866) 377-5645

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ABANA Header Logo
There will be "NO Shipping & Handling" charges for items that are ordered from our Red Book (#399 Catalog) that are shipped in the US.
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The fine print:
The participating Vendor (Grainger) reserve the right to:




Final determination of conditions for this program is solely at the discretion of the participating Merchant. ABANA assumes no responsibility for these terms and conditions. Please refer questions to the participating Merchant.