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3-Tree Logo GifNovember-December 2010
Snohomish County Parks & Recreation strives to provide safe, enjoyable, attractive parks with diverse programs and responsive services that enhance our quality of life and preserve the natural and recreational resources of Snohomish County. 
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Holiday Fun Recipes
Rent a room for your party
Evergreen Fairgrounds News
Centennial Trail construction status
Christmas Bazaar
Kayak Kottage Redecorated
New buildings at the Fairgrounds
Dance for Exercise
Reiter Foothills Trailhead Purchase
Bad Weather Driving Tips
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Fun Holiday Recipes Find fun-for-kids "Reindeer Poop" and "Snowman Soup" recipes at
Rent a room or a building for your next party 
*The Gary Weikel Room at Willis Tucker Park is an excellent choice. Call Parks at 425-388-6600. 
*The Evergreen Fairgrounds Park offers large or small buildings year-round with plenty of parking and easy access for your celebration or seminar. RV sites also available.
Find more information and details at

Evergreen Fairgrounds events in December
Christmas Bazaar, Cat Fanciers of America Show, Washington Arms Collectors Show, Open Horse Ride Nights, Western Games Horse Show, Indoor motocross practices, Arena Cross Races, Flat Track Races, Monroe Indoor Swap Meet

Find more information at

Centennial Trail construction status

Work on the trail has been suspended for the winter and will begin

again in early spring. Wet winter conditions do not support earthworks like grading and paving. The contractor must also wait for the "fish window," when endangered salmon are not spawning, to build the bridge crossing Pilchuck Creek. The "fish window" also will allow work on a substantial creek bank washout that must be repaired to support the adjacent trail construction.



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Aaron Reardon. Co. Exec.


Tom Teigen, Director
Hal Gausman, Deputy Director
Evergreen Fairgrounds
Reservations/ Room Rentals

  Contracts, Land &
 Capital Projects
 Russ Bosanko, 425-388-6602

Marketing & Communications

Marcie Allen, 425-388-6611


Ballfield Reservations/

 Recreation/McCollum Pool 
Tony Trofimczuk
425-388-6604 / 


Rich Patton, 425-388-6609

Fairgrounds RV Parking

Your Snohomish County Parks & Recreation staff wishes you and your family a  joyful holiday season and a prosperous and happy new year!

HomespunXmas 600
Holiday Art Classes Gingerbread house
  Dec. 20-23
Edcuational & fun half-day activities include making candle luminaries, a gingerbread holiday house, ornaments, crazy cookies, string art and/or origami ornaments and shapes, or a mini holiday village.
Drop off the kids while you shop!

Find details at  

Specialized Recreation Activities 
*Holiday dance & party on Dec 10
*Fun Friday open swim on Dec. 17 
Kayak Kottage newly redecorated/updated
The vacation rental home at Kayak Point Park has been newly painted throughout the interior, along with added upgrades including new cozy bedding and decorations, historical photos on the walls, lining in the kitchen cabinets, new cooking pans and other "homey" touches. The Kottage's cozy craftsman styling sleeps 7 and is furnished with a pellet fireplace. It is perfect for small gatherings.
Find more information at 

Construction update on the Evergreen Fairgrounds' new Fairgrounds Building Demolitionmulti-purpose building

The dog, rabbit and  poultry buildings have been demolished and the plans for a new multi-purpose building have been completed and submitted for permits. 


We expect to advertise for construction bids Dec. 1. Bid opening is scheduled for Dec. 14.


 Follow progress at or


Dance for Exercise 
 Start off 2011 with strong health habits. Dance Pulse is a complete body/mind dance workout program for a better YOU! Classes include:
* 8 dance workout    
* Yahoo support group
* Incentive rewards and prizes for extra workouts, healthy diet
  habits, etc.
* Email/YouTube encouragement and tips on complete health

County purchases property adjacent to Reiter Foothills recreation area

Snohomish County's Parks & Recreation Department has purchased 8 acres near Wallace Falls State Park to serve as a primary access point to the adjacent Washington State Reiter Foothills Recreation Area.


Snohomish County Parks is working with DNR, the Washington State Parks Commission, the Sky Valley Chamber of Commerce, and the cities of Gold Bar and Sultan to promote outdoor recreation as part of East Snohomish County's economic development plan. 


Find more information at  


Bad Weather Driving Tips

In response to our recent experience with a winter storm, following are some timely driving tips.

 When it rains:
     *Slow down. Roads are usually more slippery than they would seem. 

     *Turn on your lights. Use the defroster to keep windows and mirrors clear.

On ice or snow:

     *Bridges and overpasses freeze first, so always slow down and avoid sudden changes in speed or direction.

     *Keep windows clear.

     *Keep your speed steady and slow - but not so slow that your car gets stuck in deeper snow.

     *Use your brakes cautiously. Abrupt braking can cause brake lock-up and cause you to lose steering control. 

     *To make Antilock Brakes work correctly, apply constant, firm pressure to the pedal. During an emergency stop, push the brake pedal all the way to the floor, if necessary, even in wet or icy conditions.
     *If you get stuck in snow, straighten the wheels and accelerate slowly. Avoid spinning the tires. Use sand or blocks under the drive wheels.

~Tips courtesy of  C. Don Filer Agency


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Contact Information:
Marcie Allen, Marketing Coordinator
Snohomish County Parks Department
425-388-6611 /