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January 2010
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Seasonal Student Issues
Crusader Athletics
Siblings Day
Siblings, nieces, nephews, cousins, or friends-come and visit your favorite Manhattan Christian College student for a day full of fun on February 13! Siblings Day is geared toward children and teens who are in the 1st-12th grades.
For a complete schedule, Parent Release Form, and registration click here.
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baseballSeasonal Student Issues
There's a seasonal ebb and flow when it comes to student issues. Here are a few thoughts on what your student may be experiencing this winter.
  • Feeling happy and/or restless after the holiday break
  • Missing family and friends back home
  • Glad to be reunited with campus friends
  • Resolving to do better academically
  • New leadership opportunities may be available for emerging leaders
  • Renewed interest in classes
  • Unwanted weight gain after the holidays
  • Cold weather blues (especially this Manhattan winter!)
  • Possible roommate changes
  • Thinking about where they'll live during the 2010-2011 academic year
baseballWhere Should I Study? 
With fall grades complete and many students wondering how they can improve or maintain their grades may raise the question of study habits and studying environment. The environment where your student studies can make a big difference. You can encourage your student to take a good, hard look at where he/she can maximize his/her study time by considering places such as:
  • The MCC library
  • Hale Library on KSU campus
  • The laundry room
  • His/Her bedroom
  • The Campus Center
  • The Study Loft in the Campus Center
  • City Park
  • Outside on MCC or KSU campus (of course, when the weather is nice and warm)
  • Residence hall lobbies or suites
  • Sud's Y'R Duds Laundromat
  • Coffee shops
  • Restaurants with Wi-Fi
Encourage your student to always study in an area that is safe and not too isolated.
Important Info for Parents/Family Members 
The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, Federal Law 20 U.S.C. 1232g (FERPA) states that it is illegal for any MCC employee (faculty, staff, or work-study student) to share information about your student if he/she is over the age of 18. Thus we are unable to release information about grades, attendance, financial information, health/counseling or disciplinary records, etc. without permission from your student. This provides a right of privacy to students regarding their educational needs.
For more information about FERPA, refer to the college's website at: 
baseballCrusader Athletics 
The Crusader basketball teams are in the home stretch of their season this spring. Currently the teams are playing in the Cookson Hills Classic in Kansas, Oklahoma. There are several home games in January & February so if you are in the area, come watch our teams in action.
The baseball team will be underway with their season starting in mid-February.  You can find all schedules and team rosters on the website at:
Upcoming Events
18: MLK Day, No School
25-29: MCC NOW
28-29: Timothy Days
13: Siblings Day
26-27: Women's World
For a complete calendar & more details on events, go to