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The semester is winding down and before you know it, your student will be home for Thanksgiving break. Midterm grades have been handed out, students have served on Kerusso Dayz: Community, we opened Jolliffe Hall again, and our fall athletic teams are headed to nationals. It's been a busy fall semester up to this point but God is doing some great things in the lives of MCC students.
We count it a privilege to work with your student. We pray that God continues to stretch them and mold them into the man or woman he desires as they attend MCC. If we can be of any assistance to you, please let us know. Happy Thanksgiving!!
Student Development Staff
Eric, Lauren & Ben
Seasonal Student Issues
mcc girlsNovember
There is a seasonal ebb and flow when it comes to student issues. Here are a few things your student may be experiencing this fall:
  • Realization that college life may not be as perfect as he/she were led to believe.
  • Realizing how difficult college academics can be after receiving mid-term grades.
  • Feeling for home with the holidays quickly approaching.
  • Relationship conflicts and confusion as student sees different types of relationships and may get involved with someone.
  • Tiredness and exhaustion from the semester and activities that he/she may be involved in.
Helping your Student this Month:
  • Encourage him/her to stick it out until the end of the semester.
  • Suggest ways to incorporate physical activity into their schedule.
  • Encourage him/her to stay on campus during the weekends instead of going home or on a weekend adventure.
  • Have positive, open, and encouraging conversations.
Jolliffe Hall Reopening 
Jolliffe HallA New Generation 
On Thursday, September 24 Jolliffe Hall, located on the corner of 14th & Anderson reopened after a 16 month renovation.
The building was gutted and rebuilt on the inside that now houses a 300-seat chapel, the MCC library, two classrooms, a student lounge, and an MCC history room. Jolliffe was originally built in 1929 and functioned as the main administrative and educational building until 1986. It has played a key role in the life, history, and mission of the college
hosting everything from classrooms to library, chapel to campus bookstore, faculty offices to student mailroom. Most alumni have fond memories of Jolliffe Hall and know it as the cornerstone of the campus.
Students, faculty, and staff are very excited the construction is finished and that Jolliffe can be a place where students will be educated, equipped, and enriched for many generations to come. 
For more information and pictures of the construction, prayer walk, dedication service, and tour, go to:
Kerusso Dayz: Community
KD 10 yr LogoServing Manhattan
Kerusso Dayz, started 10 years ago, continues to be a highlight for many students that attend MCC. October 15 & 16 students, faculty, and staff went into the Manhattan community and served a variety of local ministries and organizations. The purpose of KD is "to proclaim God's love to His people" no matter the task.
Kerusso Dayz ministries is coordinated through the Student Development office each year. There are three different Kerusso Dayz opportunities that students can participate in each year: Kerusso Dayz: Community, Kerusso Dayz, and Kerusso Dayz: International.
Kerusso Dayz will be during spring break and students have five different opportunities to travel to Chicago, IL; Stockton, KS; Joplin, MO; Mexico City, Mexico; and Rocky Point, Mexico. Students can find more information about KD in the Student Development Office.
Holiday Breaks
baseballThanksgiving & Christmas 
A few items you need to be aware of as parents, guardians, and family members:
  1. Your student has classes on Monday, November 23 & Tuesday, November 24. If your student does not attend classes on these days, they will be considered as an unexcused absence.
  2. There are no classes November 25-27 for Thanksgiving Break.
  3. Although you may be hoping for a relaxing Thanksgiving holiday with your student, realize that this is a VERY stressful time for him/her. There are many last minute assignments, papers, and exams due immediately after Thanksgiving break with finals starting on December 14. Give them some extra space and a lot of understanding.
  4. Finals are December 14-17. The residence halls close on Friday, December 18 at 5:00pm.
  5. The residence halls will open for the spring semester on Sunday, January 10 at 1:00pm
Crusader Athletics 
MCC Logo_blueFall Athletics 
All MCC fall athletic teams are headed to the National Tournament after a very successful volleyball and soccer season.
Women's Volleyball
The Lady Crusader Volleyball team captured the Regional Championship under Coach Lauren Sanders. This is their fourth regional championship in the last five years as they defeated Grace University in the championship match. Their current overall record is 23-6. The National NCCAA Volleyball tournament is November 12-14 in Kissimmee, FL.
NCCAA Central All-Region Team: MVP & Libero of the Year, Jen McGauley; 1st Team All Region: Katie, Jensen, Laura Skiles, & Aly Woodbury.
Women's Soccer
The Lady Crusader Soccer team is headed to their third National Tournament as the Central Region Representative after finishing 7-5-2 under Coach Eric Ingmire. The National Tournament is November 13-16 in Kissimmee, FL.
Men's Soccer
The Men's Crusader Soccer team captured the Conference Championship and their 12th straight Regional Championship. The team went 7-5-2 this season under Coach Dr. Rick Wright and will compete for their fourth national championship in five years. The National Tournament is November 13-16 in Kissimmee, FL.
NCCAA Central All-Region Team: MVP: Tim Krigbaum; Midfielders: Nathan Love & Drew Proctor; Forward: Andrew Crandall.