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January 2009
A new year means a new semester to those of us working in college ministry. We hope and pray that this new year brings joy, excitement and blessings to you and your family. Once again we thank you for allowing us to work and minister to your student. 
Happy New Year!
Student Development Office staff
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Seasonal Student Issues
Academically Speaking
Where Should I Study?
Siblings Weekend
MCC Alert System
Seasonal Student Issues 
Christmas Open HouseThere's a seasonal ebb and flow when it comes to student issues. Here are a few thoughts on what your student may be experiencing this winter.


  • Feeling happy and/or restless after the holiday break
  • Missing family and friends back home
  • Glad to be reunited with campus friends
  • Resolving to do better academically
  • New leadership opportunities may be available for emerging leaders
  • Renewed interest in classes
  • Unwanted weight gain after the holidays
  • Cold weather blues
  • Possible roommate changes
  • Thinking about where they'll live during the 2009-2010 academic year
Academically Speaking 
ClassroomThe grades are out for the fall semester and your student is likely looking toward what the spring will bring. Will the classes be tough? Is he/she on academic probation? Are there classes that he/she is really looking forward to?
The reality of how your student did academically last fall has likely sunk in with your student by now. Students know where their challenges are and they know they have confidence in other areas. You can help your student succeed academically by understanding the issues that are foremost on his/her mind. These may include:
  • How can I bring up my GPA this semester?
  • Are any of my academic scholarship in jeopardy?
  • What classes do I need help with?
  • Can I keep my grades up so I'm eligible for certain scholarships or athletic eligibility?
  • I need to declare my major soon...what should I choose?
  • Do I need to start the Dual-Degree program with KSU or get out of it?
  • How can I make it through my tough classes this semester?
  • I think I might have a learning disability or test anxiety...where do I get help?
  • Do I need to retake any classes?
  • What professors inspire me and can I get into more of their classes?

If your student didn't do that well during the fall semester, there's no need to lose hope. He/she will have to buckle down and work smart this semester, of course. Yet, there are many resources available on campus to help him/her in this pursuit. Students can ask their academic advisor for help in formulating a schedule that is reasonable. They can also get help from student tutors in the Campus Center or they can visit Lauren Sanders, Retention & Learning Skills Coordinator, in the Student Development Office located in the Campus Center. Lauren would be happy to assist students about test anxiety, learn some tricks to overcome stressful affliction or even help with sentence structure, grammar, and paper writing.

And, if your student did well academically this fall, he/she is likely putting some pressure on himself/herself to live up to that success. Quality work is one thing to strive for while perfection can be too much pressure.
Academics are your student's main reason for attending Manhattan Christian College. With your encouragement, your student's commitment and the assistance of campus professionals, MCC students can make this a positive, learning-filled semester.
Where Should I Study? 
StudyingThe environment where your student studies can make a big difference. You can encourage your student to take a good, hard look at where he/she can maximize his/her study time by considering places such as:
  • The MCC library
  • Hale library on the KSU campus
  • The laundry room
  • His/her bedroom
  • The Campus Center
  • The Study Loft in the Campus Center
  • City Park
  • Outside on MCC or KSU campus (of course, when the weather is nice and warm)
  • Residence hall lobbies or suites
  • Sud's Y'R Duds Laundromat

Encourage your student to always study in an area that is safe and not too isolated.

Quick Links
Siblings Weekend
sw '09
Enjoy a special time of fun at Siblings Weekend! Siblings, nieces, nephews, cousins, or friends--come visit your favorite Manhattan Christian College student for a weekend full of fun! Siblings Weekend is geared toward children and teens who are in the 1st-12th grades.
Check out our website for a schedule of events and registration information
Register by January 21, 2009.
New MCC Alert System
MCC Alerts uses automated phone calls and text messaging to alert you to college closings and crisis situations. MCC Alerts is one strategy of the greater college-wide emergency communications effort. In the event of an emergency, campus authorities are able to dispatch alerts and information directly to you through a variety of services such as e-mail, postings to the MCC homepage, and now, automated phone calls and text messages. 

MCC Alert also feature the ability for recipients to choose to subscribe to Campus Life or Athletic score updates by clicking on 'Additional Notification Groups' and adding these groups to your account.
Current students, staff, and faculty are eligible to sign up for MCC Alerts. If desired, MCC students can add their parents, children, or spouse's phone numbers when they sign up for MCC Alerts.
For more information, click on the link above this article.
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