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Like many of our clients these days, you may be preparing for potential business disruptions. A power cut or a winter storm can disrupt business, as has been with the case with this week's heavy snowfall across the UK.  Our latest blog entry 'Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow...again!'Plum Emails Archive reports on the recent heavy snowfall and its effect on the country.  Such a disruption can be resolved by allowing workers to carry on their work remotely.  The majority of your company's workforce may have a demand for remote access.

Plum can help you here with SonicWALL. SonicWALL Aventail Secure Remote Access Solutions give you the freedom to instantly Plum Communications - Product Offers February 2009add remote users in any emergency. It offers a specialized disaster recovery solution. With the SonicWALL Aventail Spike License, you have an insurance policy against future spikes in remote access traffic, whether it's a dozen or a few thousand additional users. See below for more information.
If you don't want to give your workforce remote access but do still want calls, emails and faxes diverted from the office to a homeworker, or want to be able to view your emails on a mobile phone or laptop, we can provide you with these relevant services too. See below for more information.
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SonicWALLBenefits of SonicWALL
Instant secure remote access when it's needed most
A disaster recovery implementation isn't complete without a secure remote access solution like the SonicWALL Aventail E-Class SRA-because during a business disruption, all local network users could suddenly be limited to working from home or other remote locations. A complete DR solution must be able to handle a signifi cant spike in remote access traffic when you need it most, while still maintaining security and cost controls.

Designed for reliability in emergencies
SonicWALL Aventail E-Class SRA appliances play an intrinsic role in overall DR planning for many real-world enterprises, providing a secure application access gateway at main data centers, ensuring a model of redundancy at the data center, and serving as a gateway to hot, warm or cold DR facilities. For added reliability, SonicWALL Aventail E-Class SRAs also off er high availability (HA) with integrated load balancing and active/active stateful failover on the SRA EX7000 and EX6000, eliminating the added cost of a thirdparty load balancer.

Insure against business disruptions-or seasonal spikes
The SonicWALL Aventail Spike License Pack is ideal as part of a company's overall DR plan or for companies that experience seasonal or market-driven spikes, such as accounting fi rms during tax season or retailers during the holidays.

Easy-to-use and-control
SonicWALL Aventail E-Class SRA provides one of the easiest-to-use and easiest-to-control SSL VPN solutions available, making it perfect for network IT managers who need to provide their users with secure remote access, under any circumstances.
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OtherServicesOut of Office Services
Call Divert

Plum can set up a call divert so that you can divert calls from the office to your home number, mobile number, call centre, etc. A customer would only have to ring the office number, so a customer could think you are in the office when speaking to you, when you're actually in your kitchen at home for example.

Fax Services
Fax to Email
  • Environmentally friendly, as you do not need to print out any faxes, therefore saving on paper and ink cartridges.
  • Allows paper documents to be easily forwarded.
  • Allows you to have a fax number without actually having a fax machine.

E-mail to fax

  • Send attachments to fax: txt, pdf,doc, xls, html, and csv files (up to 512 KB).
  • Allows you to send an e-mail to someone whose internet connection is down

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SMS Services

SMS to Email
  • SMS can be sent, diverted or copied to an e-mail address for further reference
  • Allows you to send messages to people while on the move, or when you are unable to access your e-mail account
  • Allows you to have a fax number without actually having a fax machine.
PC to Text
  • An e-mail can be sent to a mobile phone as a SMS
  • Allows you to update customers on a fault or service, e.g. "Your car is ready", "Your internet connection should be back on now", when the recipient is unable to access e-mails. 

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The OpenHand wireless email solution is a client / server remote access application, which when installed on a mobile device, such as mobile phones and laptops, enables a connection to the internet, to connect quickly to email, contacts and calendars.
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