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Do you regularly work outside of the office? Remotely? From home? Often on the move? Unsure how you can stay in contact away from the office? 
If you answer YES to any of these questions, then PLEASE READ ON to find out about 'OpenHand' and our 'Fax and SMS' services, ideal for helping you to work remotely, whilst still saving money.
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Peter Savic
What is it?

The OpenHand wireless email solution is a client / server remote access application, which when installed on a mobile device, such as mobile phones and laptops, enables a connection to the internet, to connect quickly to email, contacts and calendars.  

This application requires mobile service, which Plum can provide. 


  • Allows you to choose your own hardware
  • No long term contract
  • No need to change network
  • High speeds
  • Data is never stored on the device
  • OpenHand is not limited to mobile email
  • Worldwide access

Typical Costs







(Suitable if you have your own server)


(Suitable if you do not have your own server)

11 per month (plus VAT)


18 per month (plus VAT)

NO long term contract


NO long term contract

30 day rolling contract


30 day rolling contract

Try before you buy - 14 day trial also available



Try before you buy - 14 day trial also available

Fax_Servicesfax services
Fax to e-mail
  • Environmentally friendly, as you do not need to print out any faxes, therefore saving on paper and ink cartridges.
  • Allows paper documents to be easily forwarded.
  • Allows you to have a fax number without actually having a fax machine.

0p per minute with an 0844 number

E-mail to fax
  • Send attachments to fax: txt, pdf,doc, xls, html, and csv files (up to 512 KB)
  • Allows you to send an e-mail to someone whose internet connection is down
16p per minute

SMS_ServicesSMS services
SMS to e-mail
  • SMS can be sent, diverted or copied to an e-mail address for further reference
  • Allows you to send messages to people while on the move, or when you are unable to access your e-mail account
  • Allows you to have a fax number without actually having a fax machine.

20 set-up fee 

10 per month

10p per text

PC to Text
  • An e-mail can be sent to a mobile phone as a SMS
  • Allows you to update customers on a fault or service, e.g. "Your car is ready", "Your internet connection should be back on now", when the recipient is unable to access e-mails.

(Web only)

50 set-up fee
10 per month
10p per text
(Web & e-mail)
140 set-up fee
20 per month
10p per text


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