Panjshir Tour
Ride Locations

Washington DC
Anne Mader - The Bike Lane
registration online
Facebook page

Gallaudet University
Jill Bradbury
campus ride
day of registration only

Golden, CO
Megan Weber
Golden Bike Shop
registration online

Denver, CO
Adam Rachubinski
Alpha Bicycles
Buffalo Creek Ride
registration day of only

Portland, OR
Kate Moore
registration day of only

Santa Rosa, CA
Aleta Thomas
registration online

Saratoga Springs
Reese Arthur - an amazing 11 year old girl spearheading this race!
day of registration only

Los Angeles, CA
Heidi Volpe
day of registration only

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Stories from the ground in Afghanistan

Afghan Elections - Holding Our Breath

Midnight on Friday in Kabul, a few hours before the polls open.  The walls start shaking, and Kabul feels the effect of an earthquake in the Hindu Kush. 

From Afghanistan: Election Violence and American Bigotry
(published in Huffington Post 9/15)

As Afghanistan holds its elections this Saturday, we need to set a better example of tolerance and equality. We should hold fast to those ideals that we tout as the basis for democracy in other countries.

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community bike rides nationwide

The Panjshir Tour bike series was created to support Mountain2Mountain's efforts to empower the women and children of Afghanistan.  Last fall, our founder, Shannon Galpin, rode her mountain bike in the mountains of Panjshir in Afghanistan, becoming the first woman to do so. Women aren't allowed to ride bikes in Afghanistan anymore - which is exactly why she did it.  The success and positive reaction from community members in Afghanistan was encouraging to look at a future when our rural midwives, teachers, and school girls could ride bikes as transportation in rural communities.  Improving access to education and health care where the need is greatest.

On October 3 communities across the U.S. will host community bike rides exactly one year since Galpin's initial groundbreaking ride. At the same time Shannon will be riding her bike through Panjshir Province, linking our support communities with our project communities for the first time. The goal? To raise money and awareness for Mountain2 Mountain's projects half a world away in a country where women can't ride bikes.
"Our organization was founded with the idea of connecting communities and cultures. Furthering the understanding of cultures on both sides of the equation to break stereotypes and create sustainable connections that ensure continued success with all of our projects."

So.... its time to get involved.  Here's the details for every ride.   Rides are taking part in California, New York, Washington DC, Oregon, and Colorado. 

All rides are $20 and ride locations and links are listed on the left. 

Please help spread the word, share the information, and BE THE CHANGE we want to see in the world!!

In the meantime.... take the time to follow our journey in Afghanistan on the M2M Field Notes blog and on our Facebook fan page.

We believe women and girls are changemakers and catalysts for peace and global prosperity.

Mountain2Mountain invests in the world's most underutilized resource: women and girls on the fringe.

We work in conflict regions to create education and opportunity for women and girls to be agents of change within their communities and cultures.