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The Changing Times The Newsletter of Changemakers
Summer 2008
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:: Reimagining Social Justice Philanthropy Video Project
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:: Open Call for Board members
:: Challenge Grant...Help us meet our goal
:: Almost Ten Years Old and Still Growing
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CM headerIf you've ever served on the board of directors of a great nonprofit, you'll appreciate the mixture of satisfaction, camaraderie and worries that we encounter as co-chairs of Changemakers.

As Changemakers approaches its 10th anniversary we can look back with pride at all the projects, research, grants and other contributions Changemakers has made to community-based social change funding.  We're very proud of newer initiatives, too, like the Essentials for Diversity in Giving (EDG) curriculum.

As board members, we have the pleasure of working with an extremely bright, creative and visionary staff, led by Executive Director CJ Callen.  We're constantly astonished by the quality and volume of work that's done on a day-to-day basis by such a small cadre of staff members and consultants.

Each member of the board of directors brings a special viewpoint and set of skills to Changemakers' oversight and governance.  When the board and staff get together, we work hard, but we laugh a lot too.  There's a real spirit of joy and appreciation, even when we're dealing with challenges.

And of course there are challenges.  Our new strategic plan features ambitious goals, especially in uncertain financial times.  But we firmly believe in the power of social justice philanthropy, and the need has never been greater. Grassroots institutions all over the country are struggling to do more with less.  They need a bigger, broader, more strategic, more diverse set of allies to support their organizing and advocacy work.  It's daunting, but we know that between all the staff, volunteers, donors and allies like you, we have the talent and resources we need to help transform philanthropy.

There is one goal that, with your timely help, is certainly within reach.  We have a challenge grant of $50,000, but it will only match donations that we receive by Monday June 30.  Please take a moment now to send in your gift, and your contribution will be doubled.

On behalf of the entire board and staff of Changemakers, thank you for joining us in our work for a more expansive, equitable and democratic philanthropic community!

Judy Hatcher & Matt Howe
Co-Chairs, Changemakers Board of Directors
Reimagining Philanthropy Video Project

Click to watch video Changemakers engages leaders and stakeholders in grantmaking and community building in a dialogue to explore ways of making the message of social change philanthropy relevant to our times.  The Reimagining Philanthropy project captures our collective wisdom and insight of the last 10 years and will create a basis for conversation and action for the next 10 and beyond.

Click here to watch a sample video.
Tools for Supporting Donors of Color:
A Webinar Session

EDG curriculum coverJoin Changemakers and Hindsight Consulting as we introduce a training toolkit that supports the values and practices of social change philanthropy among donors of color.  Join us for a demonstration of With Knowledge Comes Change - Essentials for Diversity in Giving.

What is a webinar?  A webinar is a seminar that includes a visual presentation via the internet.  To take part, participants need internet access and a computer.

Registration & more information

See new post on diversity in philanthropy on Changemakers' blog
Changemakers is recruiting board members to help us move us into our 10-year anniversary year and beyond by "Reimagining Philanthropy." 

We need smart, savvy and passionate governing board members to provide the leadership essential our success.  We are open to receiving inquires from anyone but have identified the following priorities for board recruitment, which would be a bonus to your application:
  • Communications and marketing
  • Media and public relations
  • Public policy/government affairs
  • Business/corporate sector
  • Geography - resides in Southeast, Midwest or Northeast region of U.S.
Joining the board is a way to build relationships with other opinion leaders in the sector who want to grapple with the issue of what makes for philanthropy that works in the public interest. Board service is intellectually stimulating and personally rewarding. Because we are small the board plays an active, central role in making us a credible voice for change.

To find out more about potential board service, please contact Executive Director CJ Callen who can connect you to a board member willing to share their perspective.

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Changemakers Board & Staff 2008
Challenge Grant
Help us meet our goal!

CM header Changemakers received a challenge grant for $50,000 earlier this spring.  We need to raise $50,000 by June 30 in order to meet the challenge.  We only need to raise another $10,000 to meet our goal.  You can help us by donating now!

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Almost Ten Years Old and Still Growing...
Changemakers has Startling(ly Good) News to Share with You

Changemakers has a solid reputation as an organization that cares about community.  Our short history sparkles with efforts to make philanthropy more accessible and in so doing, unleashing more philanthropic dollars to building a better world.

Changes next exit

At the April meeting the Changemakers board reflected on our work during the last nine years, the internal and external changes that have affected that work and reached a few decisions designed to clarify our value, purpose and impact. To this end, the board reduced the number of core strategies from five to three to better match our size, resources, geographic scope and desired "footprint" (the outcome we seek in relationship to the level of difficulty in influencing our desired audiences).

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Upcoming Events
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How do I make lasting change that will be inclusive of all members of society, promote access and equity, and improve our communities?

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