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March 2012

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Trader Joe's & Two Buck Chuck Coming to Boulder in 2013! Trader Joe's


California-based grocery chain Trader Joe's has confirmed its first Colorado location will be in Boulder at the Twenty Ninth Street Mall.

Trader Joe's officials made the announcement on Tuesday afternoon. They say the new 14,000-square-foot store will be built at 1906 28th Street. The store is expected to open in 2013.
 Officials say the décor will be the traditional Hawaiian-themed motif with added local flair, including art celebrating Boulder.

Trader Joe's has more than 365 stores in 32 states. This will be their first location in Colorado, but according to the Denver Business Journal, at least two more locations will be built in the Denver metro area.

Joe's is the home of Two Buck Chuck, their brand of wine that sells for $1.99 in California. Even more exciting for some is the selection of eco-friendly Trader Joe's products offered at a lower price.

Unlike other grocery stores which can carry as many as 50,000 items, Trader Joe's keeps about 4,000 items in
stock and 80 percent of those items are its own brand. The store is able to offer lower prices by offering a smaller variety of products in stores that are typically smaller and plainer than the competition.

Trader Joe's markets itself as "your neighborhood grocery store" or "your unique grocery store."

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Ughhh...My Phone  Messed That Up!
Scene: Two friends catching up over text.

Meg: So what else is new?    

Sam: I just found out that I made the varsity crossdressing team!!!  

Meg: Well good luck with that! I have some lace panties you could have! LOL

Sam: Cross country!!! I am going to kick this phone's ass.  
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