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October 2011

Be On TV - Casting Call for TV's DIY Network!


DIY Network's hit show "RESCUE RENOVATION"

is looking for homeowners who have gotten STUCK IN A RENOVATION PROJECT & CAN'T FINISH!


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About the Show: In DIY Network's Rescue Renovation host Kayleen McCabe saves project-challenged homeowners who are in over their heads with their renovations. Kayleen points out exactly what went wrong and formulates a seven-day action plan to turn awful renovations into jaw-dropping rooms.


"RESCUE RENOVATION" is now searching for do-it-yourself Denver area homeowners who have gotten in over their heads and have stalled in their home renovation project. Selected applicants should have started a remodel of one area of their home (demolition stage preferred), but are now stuck for one reason or another and don't know what to do next.


Licensed contractor and host, Kayleen McCabe, and her team of experts will come to the rescue and save these project-challenged homeowners!

If you have an unfinished project and would like to be on this show contact me ASAP for more information!
If You Are Patient There
Is A Deal To Be Had!


Ben and Gina


First time buyer Ben is one patient guy; seeing over 60 to 70 properties before we found his perfect home! He had a pretty rigorous wish list and it was my job to help him meet his expectations. He needed a garage for his tools, a basement for fun and storage, a den for a home office, guest bedroom, and a back yard for his dog and of course for a good price!


Because Ben wasn't in a rush and was willing to wait, he put himself in a strong position to find the perfect place.


"I'm really kind of picky," Ben says. "We looked for about a year and a half but Gina was awesome and never gave up."


Mission accomplished, Ben! May you totally love your new home and all the parties you will host!



Ughhh...Predictive Text Messed That Up!!!
Scene: Guy and a girl after their first date.

Girl: Thank you for an amazing first date :-)
Boy: Any time :-) When's the 2nd date? I can't wait to see those big beautiful nipples of yours.
Boy: NO
Boy: I'm sorry I meant dimples, my phone changed it.
Boy: I did not write nipples.
Boy: Im going to jump off a bridge now.  
Happy Birthday!

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