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Coil Processing Equipment
Global Solutions in Coil Processing Technology
Coil Slitting Line   
Coil Slitting Lines

Chicago Slitter is committed to helping you achieve your production goals by supplying the most productive, high yield, flexible, reliable, and safe slitting line available.

Laser Blanking Systems  
Laser Blanking Systems

Our technological evolution in the control of strip feeding in conjunction with laser technology eliminates costly stamping dies, cuts ultra high strength steel easily and is flexible enough to be extremely efficient even for low to medium volume products.
Cut to Length & Blanking Systems  
Cut to Length & Blanking Systems

A full range of cut to length and multi-blanking lines designed to meet your exact production needs. Our range of systems will accommodate low volume for short run production as well as high speed, long run operations. This enables us to offer you the exact system to meet your needs.

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Press Feed Line   
Press Feed Lines

Chicago Slitter and Iron have joined together to offer you the widest range of coil processing systems on the market today. Together, we offer punching and bending systems, slitting lines, cut to length and blanking systems, press feed systems and our patented Temnos coil fed, laser blanking production system.
Punching & Bending Systems   
Punching & Bending Systems

The coil fed punchpress is a highly flexible, modular punching system that uses standard turret tooling. Dramatic productivity increases can be realized over traditional sheet fed turret type presses, while reducing material labor costs. The punchpress can be used to replace the traditional stamping press for short run flexibility without the tooling and related costs.

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