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eNewsletter for September 2012 

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Cutting Cylinders

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Reichel & Drews Cutting Cylinder
Cutting Cylinders

Reichel & Drews cutting cylinders are all custom designed to produce the desired shingle pattern to your exact specifications. We offer a diverse range of cutting cylinder designs in order to produce your desired shingle pattern. Whether it's a basic 3-tab pattern or a complex beavertail pattern we can provide a cutting cylinder to produce the exact pattern that you need. 


Engineering and craftsmanship are important to making our cutting cylinders first-class. We have a team of well-trained and highly skilled Reichel & Drews employees that design, machine, assemble, and inspect each and every cutting cylinder.


Our services are versatile so that we can make your new cutting cylinder fit perfectly in your existing machine.  Each part is machined using advanced CNC technology allowing Reichel & Drews to make parts to exact specifications.  Also, each replacement part is manufactured with the same precision and quality care as the original so you can always count on the exact fit of replacement parts.


Each new cutting cylinder begins with a thorough understanding of your shingle pattern and production needs.  A series of checks and balances throughout the whole process ensures that the cutting cylinder meets those needs. Cutting cylinders are the heart of your shingle production and Reichel & Drews can guarantee the highest value and quality. We support your goal of maximum productivity as you manufacture quality shingles. 

RDI Enclosures Electrical Enclosure (eHouse) Electrical Enclosures (eHouse)

Reichel & Drews offers turnkey control solutions including complete and fully tested control rooms or eHouses that simplify installation through its sister company RDI Enclosures.

RDI Enclosures produces custom engineered solutions to surround and protect your most important equipment and systems.

Roofing Manufacturing Conversion Charts

Determine shingle or roll production rates with our quick and easy roofing conversion charts and tables.

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